Atopic Dermatitis

Healing Set for Atopic Dermatitis

natual soap and natural cream for delicate and dry skin
The natural solution for Atopic Dermatitis
Before you run to steroids and similar drugs; you may want to join the hundreds of clients that chose the combination of Lavender‘s baby soap and the baby cream (based on Shea Butter). The use of this Set of products highly improves and often eliminate atopic Dermatitis.
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Customers‘ Recommendation: “Once you start with Lavender products, you can‘t stop. My daughter suffered from Atopic Dermatitis. Since we started to use Lavender‘s baby soap, rashes and wounds disappeared. Her skin became like silk”. Shahar, P).)
“My eight years old son suffered from atopic Dermatitis. After we had given up conventional medicine, we started to use Lavender‘s baby soap and cream. Now there‘s no trace of atopic Dermatitis. As with most natural treatments, it takes some time to notice the difference. However; it‘s worth it”. (Tovit E.)
Natural Baby soap gently cleanses the skin without drying and irritating the skin. Most soaps and shampoos people use contain SLS and similar materials. Those materials aggressively clean the skin and dry it. They also aggravate existing skin problems and causing skin irritations such as atopic Dermatitis. Quite often only the transition to using Lavender‘s natural soap brings a great relief, for all ages, with symptoms of atopic Dermatitis.
Baby Care cream is suitable for infants from birth, up till 120 years old. It is based on Shea butter, sweet almond oil, along with Calendula, Chamomile Roman, Neroli and other essential oils. It is a gentle treatment cream that enriches the skin, nourishes it and keeps it healthy and fresh over time. Combined with our natural soap, it dramatically improves the skin condition, and relieves with atopic Dermatitis.

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