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Face serum for oily skin – How to use it?

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A unique serum that combines a mixture of oils, resins, plant extracts that are none to relieve acne and make a significant improvement in facial skin.
Oily skin with a tendency to acne requires special attaneiton and different treatment. The treatment of oily skin requires keeping it clean and balanced in such a way as to reduce the excess fat secretion that creates the pimples. It took us a long time to develop the new serum. it went through many different variations given to experimenters with oily skin and in each version we improved it more and more and we came to the most effective combination of ingredients we found.
Each ingredient and component in serum has a unique and scientifically proven function and is also accepted in traditional medicine for the treatment of acne prone skin.
So what made it so effective? First of all, it is important to explain how acne breakouts are created and why treatment with oils is also good for skin that secrete excess fat:
How Pimples Are Created The sebaceous Glands are tiny glands located near the surface of the skin. They are attached to small holes in the skin (hair follicles) through which hair grows out of the skin. The sebaceous glands are designed to lubricate the hair and skin and prevent dehydration. This is done by secretion of an oily substance called sebum, the skin became oily when glands produce too much sebum. When excess sebum mixes with dead cells together they block the follicle. The comedone or acne spot is basically the blocked hair follicle. The comedone can develop into nodules called white heads or black heads, and you can read more about the formation of acne elsewhere.
Why do you need oil for the skin that in any case secretes excess oil that causes acne? Some of the reasons for excessive secretion of fat in the skin and the formation of pimples are a lack of some of the fats that the skin does not produce properly like linoleic acid and therefore as compensation it produces much more sebum to compensate. Using the right oils with a high content of linoleic acid balances the skin with the right fatty acids and causes a reduction and a healthier secretion of natural sebum resulting in less acne.
Another issue is the very aggressive treatment of various treatments to dry the skin. Drying of the skin causes the skin to create excess fat to compensate for it and therefore causes increased acne formation and so on.
In our therapeutic serum, the base oils of serum can penetrate to the comedone carrying the active antibacterial substances in the serum and thus improve their activity.
The raw materials from which we have prepared the therapeutic serum include Cold pressed apricot oil – excellent for oily skin, it is light and easily absorbed, relieves irritated skin and high in vitamin E and vitamin A content and is similar in composition to the secretion of natural sebum. High content of omega-9 fatty acids and linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acids) known to relieve inflammation and improve acne. Cold pressed Hemp oil – easy absorb oil with very high concentrations of linoleic fatty acid (omega 6) with low but active concentrations of Cannabidiol-CBD which have been found to be very effective in the treatment of acne including anti-inflammatory activity, reducing the growth rate of sebocytes Thus reducing the amount of fat along with stabilizing and reducing the rate of fat production in these cells. Hazelnuts oil – light and easily absorbed oil, contains high concentrations of vitamin E, contains tannins which facilitates the closure of pores while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Organic cold-pressed Rosehip oil with high omega-3 and omega-6 content with high concentrations of antioxidants. Studies in Spain have shown a significant improvement in the appearance of scars over time with the use of Rosehip oil. Moreover, Rosehip oil has a very high concentration of vitamin A. All those suffering from acne know the medical treatments in vitamin A1, Preventing the clogging of holes. Roseeip oil has a natural vitamin A supplement with a relatively high concentration that give the body vitamin A as needed and therefore much healthier and more precise than the use of synthetic vitamin A. Jojoba oil in cold pressing is grown in the Israeli Negev and resembles its composition as a wax for the skin secretion, thus signaling the skin to reduce the production of the sebum and helps balance the skin. It also helps in penetrating the active ingredients in the serum and improving their activity. Natural vitamin E is produced from soybean in a natural and healthy process and provides protection against oxidation and slowing the formation of black comedians. Magnolia Root Extract – A extract that has been used for thousands of years in East Asia, with an extremely high content of antibacterial substances that are proven to help in the fight against acne bacteria that develop in the pimples. Manuka Oil (New Zealand Tea Tree) – essential oil with very strong antibacterial properties for acne vulgaris the bacterial strains active in acne, with antifungal and anti-inflammatory processes. Manuka oil also has a good effect on the prevention and healing of scars, including acne scars, while reactivating and regenerating healthy new cells buildup. Copaiba Oil-Resin resin is considered to be one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents in the world. It is widely used for smearing and improving the appearance of scars, acne treatment, skin cancer, and more. Andiroba Oil oil – is known for its properties to relieve acne, smooth out pimples and improve skin condition including relief of wrinkling, relieving swelling and pain and easily penetrates the skin. Basil oil – has been found in many scientific studies as very active in the treatment of acne and prevention of recurrent acne attacks. Geranium oil and lavender oil help to balance the hormone and relax the skin condition and help in the process of stabilization of the skin. The unique combination in precise dosages creates a light, easily absorbed serum that keeps the natural moisture of the skin and allows it to breathe. Add to that his perfect scent and you get a serum that’s just fun to use everyday.
As we noted – oily skin requires comprehensive treatment and most importantly – not aggressive. Our acne series gives the skin the necessary treatment: 1. Daily cleaning with therapeutic soap for oily skin 2. Once-twice a week use our purifying clay mask with vitamin C and green clay for deep toxin and excess sebum absorption. 3. Daily cleaning with our therapeutic faical toner 4. Feel your skin if you need nourshipnet use our therapeutic facial serum on daily base or 3-4 a week as needed for your skin.
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A little on: Therapuetic serum for oily skin
Natural therapeutic serum for oily and acne prone skin, supplying fatty acid that usually are missing from acne prone skin with natural extracts with high antibacterial activity to treat the Acne Vulgaris bacteria causing acne.

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