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The Smell Of Cleanliness: What It Means And How To Achieve It

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The proverb‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ means something that is pure and wholly close to God. When it comes to the smell of cleanliness, it means a strong and pleasant smell that makes you feel good. It seems like it’s coming from everywhere.
This week we went to a B&B, at the last minute.
The place looks lovely in the picture and in reality. And we know how to enjoy going out and being together easily ..
But this time it was hard, because of the smell of cleanliness. What do I mean?
As we entered the room, we were struck by a strong smell – like a toilet spray. The smell could not be exhaled. We opened all the windows, lit the fireplace, some candles … nothing – the smell stayed. There was the feeling that the smell was distributed from all parts of the room, we looked for it and discovered that it was. We found smelling sticks, sprayed plastic flowers, and even natural flowers that smelled of “cleanliness.” (H E L P!)
The smell escorted me out but he stuck to the clothes and then he drove with us in the car and was oppressing us for a long time.
It is interesting to know whether the owners of the room, are aware that such odors provoke allergies, migraines, and restlessness. It is difficult for us with strong odors, and especially when it comes to synthetic smell, we react physically and emotionally to the smells even if we are not aware of our reactions.
Do you know that 20% of the population are allergic to synthetic fragrances?

A Strong Smell Like A Clean Smell

And the question is, about the connection – why a stronger smell is perceived as a cleaner?
When you wish to achieve that smell, it becomes incredibly important to understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. In addition to taking the cleanliness of surroundings into account, you must think of great essential oils that help create a pleasant atmosphere at your place.
It is true that there should be a sense of cleanliness between guests and guests … but it is also possible to do otherwise. Everyone loves a good smell, but the size is important and the quality of the smell is important. Today great essential oils can easily be obtained from aromatherapy sites that are truly natural and usually have added value such as disinfectant, mood improvement, and soothing. And there are those who want to do that that also stimulate desire …
Put a burner with a drop or two of lavender, bergamot, or lemongrass. This will give a sense of energetic cleanliness at home. The floor wipe should be done anyway.

Products For Natural Smell Of Cleanliness

We in Lavender Natural Cosmetics use only pure oils that are good, purifying, and elevating body and soul in our cleaning and care products.
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