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In this article I review the importance and health benefits of the sweating process according to a number of medical concepts. It seems that the process of sweating is a process, viewed as very important in all schools of medicine including Western medical institutes and alternative therapist.
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You need to Sweat To Adapt to changes

The process of perspiration is one of the main processes enabling the body to adapt to different environmental temperatures and to exert effort without the temperature rising beyond what is necessary. On the other hand in disease, the body raises its temperature and prevents sweat secretion. The body temperature rises in order to improve its ability to fight infections. (1-4)

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Sweating is mandatory for healthy Metabolism

Sweat is also a metabolic process that allows the removal and balance of substances in the body. It removes pollutants from the human body along with the processes of urination and the excretion of feces. It balances the concentration of salts in the body. Many studies in scientific journals research the control of secretions in sweat: metals, salts and various other materials. There are still many unknown mechanisms but no doubt this is a process which our body knows how to use in order to remove pollutants, such as nitric waste, and / or salts from the body.

Sweating is important for Toxin removal

Sweat contains mainly water and minerals such as urea. The contents of the sweat depends on a specific person, the environment the person is in (in hot areas there will be more sweat and the concentration of salts will decrease thus keeping the correct concentration of salts in the body). Besides salts secreted in sweat, metals are secreted as well, averaged values, for example: (very different between different people) – Chromium – 0.1mg / l, nickel 0.05mg / l, lead 0.05mg / l. see (5,6,7).
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Low perspiration conditions and health problems
One interesting study raises a possible link between low sweating (genetic) and a greater chance of asthma after effort (8). In Wilson‘s disease, where copper accumulates in the body because it is not secreted through the feces, very little perspiration was found to be produced by the body thus disallowing the secretion of copper through sweat as well as through the feces(10). In the Cystic fibrosis disease , one of the first signs of the disease is abnormal sweating – salty and profuse sweat (11).
We see that sweat is used in order to excrete different materials from the body according to its needs through control systems which are not yet clear to science. Perspiration has importance in the balance of salts in, and the excretion of metals from the body along with regulating body temperature. More roles of the perspiration process are still being researched.

The sweating process health benefits in Homeopathy

Perspiration is one of the chapters in Homeopathic literature. The symptoms concerning sweat are of the most important general symptoms that affect the whole person, compared to local symptoms. As such they are very central in selecting the correct Homeopathic medicine (4). In addition to understanding the process of sweating in homeopathy one must understand the symptoms that may occur due to the suppression of the sweating process. As usual, Homeopathic observation is specific to a specific person. Meaning, there are “types” or people for whom suppression of sweat can cause a variety of symptoms, even very difficult ones, and many others for whom repression of sweat is of little significance. Symptoms that may appear after suppression of sweat include worsening of the general physical condition, headaches, and asthma as a result of oppressing sweating of the feet.

The sweating process health benefits in Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese doctors find that the element of perspiration takes a significant part in the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of the patient (9). The therapeutic principle of inducing perspiration is one of the three traditional methods of treatment. Later, this principle became one of the eight principles of treatment that are still described in modern literature and taught at schools of Chinese medicine. From the traditional Chinese perspective, the disease leaves the body with the sweat. Sweat promotion treatment fits as long as the pathogen is at the superficial level and does not yet involve the ying level.
Body purification through sweating.

More views on the seating process health benefits

In recent years, much is talked about the process of detoxification in which staying in dry saunas causes profuse sweating. According to many writers, this helps clean the body of toxins. The process causes a significant discharge of metals and other pollutants compared to the normal sweating process.
In the book “Said the Real People”, the Aboriginal healing process through sweating is described (12).
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Summary on sweating health benefits
Sweating is a physiological process of great importance according to all existing medical approaches. The importance of sweating is shown in the health of a person and its part in identifying further problems and finding the right medication. Perspiration is also sometimes used as part of a treatment and to heal diseases. In my following article I will discuss antiperspirants which reduce sweat secretion and in fact prevent the natural sweating process of the body from occurring. Understanding of the importance of the process of sweating can help understand the problematic nature of these materials and of using them on a daily basis.
Posted by: Ido Mashaal: (BA biology. B. Sc – Chemical Engineering, M.Sc. – Materials Engineering (Technion))
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