8 Tea Tree Oil Benefits

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Tea tree oil is known for its Disinfection properties. Tea Tree Oil is one of the most powerful oils in nature that is capable of killing various fungi and bacteria. Your aromatherapy closet will not be complete without it. Equip yourself with it and it will give you a good body, mind and even house maintenance. Meet Tea Tree Oil:
The use of tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) was first documented in the 18th century when sailors who came to the Australian continent, led by Captain Ko, one of the greatest ocean explorers, encountered a tree with coniferous leaves. It is called Tea Tree Oil, but it has nothing to do with the black and green tea you know. These sailors were exposed to its therapeutic properties, but this oil was known to the locals who used to brew the leaves in water to relieve winter illnesses (hence the name given to it “tea tree oil”).
Tea tree oil – a powerful and natural healing
Tea tree oil is one of the most powerful oils. It is rich in terpenoids, an anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antimicrobial agent. It is excellent for treating acne, treating fungus – foot fungus and nail fungus.
Because it is so intense and concentrated it is important to be used careful:
• Do not use tea tree oil directly on the skin. Although you can find recommendation like that, we believe that so powerfull oils should be used diluted. If you choose to work with it direct on the skin it is important to test small spot to see the effect as there are cases where direct use on the skin can cause irritation, swelling and itching.
Tea tree oil for infants and children
Due to the special chemical composition of tea tree oil and its hormonal effect, which may interfere with the normal development of children, it is recommended not to use it (directly or indirectly with other oils) on the skin of children who have not yet reached adulthood.
Tea Tree Oil – Recommended Uses:
• Nail fungus – tea tree oil is excellent for healing and relieving nail fungus. Drip directly on the fungus area twice a day for six months.
• Foot fungus – foot fungus can be caused by a variety of causes, so it is important to first understand the root problem that causes the appearance of the fungus (diabetes, candida, etc.) and treat it. Here we recommend our therapeutic foot cream that contains tea tree oil but you can definitely add a few drops of tea tree oil to increase its effectiveness.
• Tea tree oil for the treatment of acne – tea tree oil is excellent for acne prone skin care! It helps to sterilize the inflamed skin and significantly alleviates the appearance of the wounds. In our therapeutic facial soap we have combined several ingredients that work in perfect synergy to alleviate acne: a green tea extract that helps reduce the secretion of fat from the skin and tea tree that helps reduce inflammation.
• Tea tree oil for hair – Using products that contain tea tree oil helps to treat the scalp skin irritated and itchy and effectively to remove lice.
• Cleaning the house – Mix water, vinegar, lemon essential oil and tea tree oil, and you get disinfectant and insect repellent spray. Tea tree oil can also be used to treat molds and to eliminate bacteria.
• For the prevention and treatment of winter diseases – excellent for cleaning the air at home and to alleviate the effects of winter! Drip 4-6 drops of tea tree oil into the burner and get not only excellent aroma but also air free from bacteria and viruses. Tea tree oil is also excellent for relieving phlegm, nasal congestion and coughing.
• For relief of breathing problems (asthma, bronchitis) – here too, using a burner regularly relieves breathing problems. For external use on the body – Mix almond oil and a few drops of tea tree oil and massage the chest and back.
• To treat house pets – drizzle a few drops of tea tree oil over the animal’s nest or on the collar to remove fleas. All that is written on the site is based on the opinion of the writers and their best experience and is not a substitute for a medical opinion

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