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Atopic Dermatitis

Skin Asthma

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“Skin asthma” or atopic dermatitis is a relevant issue for many of us who suffer from this phenomenon and are looking for solutions to the disease. Among those suffering from the phenomenon, there is a similarity to the causes of skin eruptions and reactions and a genetic link was found when the data show that the chances of a child having two allergic parents to suffer from an allergic disease reach more than 70%.
Not only do children suffer from the condition, but adults who have lived without allergies all their lives or suffered from childhood allergies suddenly experience an allergic reaction to the skin. Allergy affects the quality of life, people report insomnia, stress and irritability due to allergy symptoms on the skin.

So why do we hear in recent decades about more and more people suffering from allergies? The data show that since the 1980s, the phenomenon has doubled in the Western world and today one out of five people suffers from an allergy, which raises questions about our way of life.

Theories For The Increasing Incidence Of Skin Asthma

There are two theories that explain the increasing prevalence of the disease: the “hygiene theory” which assumes that we are living a life that is too sterile, a lifestyle that does not allow the immune system to develop, to mature and learn how to act in a good and balanced way.

Environmental theory speaks of too much exposure to environmental toxins, which accumulate in the body. The toxins penetrate from the environment to the body. In the body, they are filtered through the liver, but in a state of excess toxic substances entering the body, the liver is overloaded and unable to perform the filtration process optimally. As a result, the immune system comes out of balance and begins to act against these substances.

Dermatitis is also known as skin asthma (due to a high incidence of the disease in children with a history of respiratory or asthma problems). It is an allergic disease that appears as red and dry lesions on the skin, accompanied by a feeling of itching and itching that can develop into the blisters that secrete Liquids. The danger of skin asthma will cause the itching to injure the skin and create an opening for internal infections. The main areas where skin inflammation will occur in infants and children are: the face area, the scalp, the diaper area, the limbs, and the hands and feet. In adults, the rash often appears in one small area.

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A Few Words On The Skin

The skin is the layer of protection that is isolated between the body’s internal organs and the external environment. However, in the holistic view, the skin also reflects the state of our inner system. If the body is saturated with toxins it will come out and will also manifest itself on the surface of the skin. The cause of the disease is unknown, but they have been found to be the cause of the outbreak. It was amazing to hear from the participants that exactly the same factors that they identified in their lives as these aggravating factors are the same factors that the researchers found:
• Stress and stress – A direct link was found between the onset of the disease during periods of crisis, difficulty and great stress
Allergies and / or sensitivity to food – Some foods are considered allergic, but a person can develop a food allergy consumed in excess
• Deficiency and nutritional deficiencies – industrialized diets, containing preservatives, various chemicals such as food coloring, flavorings, sweeteners and more … and lacking vitamins, minerals, nutritional fibers and probiotic bacteria,
• Exposure to environmental toxins – air pollution, pesticides, chemicals in the cosmetics industry, soaps, shampoos, drugs, smoking, clothes made of synthetic materials and more …

The ability to identify the factors that make the disease worse and avoid it is the key to improving quality of life.

This article was written by Nurit Maor Naturopathic and clinical rebalancing and Tali Matzliah aמ holistic therapist.

All that is written on the site is based on the opinion of the writers and their best experience and is not a substitute for a medical opinion.

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