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Calm Head

(6 customer reviews)

Calm Head – 100% natural remedy for cleaning and maintaining hair and keeping lice away. Suitable also for very young children, allows clean and healthy hair care without the use of chemicals.

Olive Oil Shampoo

(12 customer reviews)

A unique liquid natural shampoo based on virgin olive oil and essential oils that will nurture and improve hair quality and growth.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential oil with a strong and refreshing fragrance that relieves pain, purifies, refreshes and invigorates. Excellent for lice reppelling and head hygiene, effective in treating acne, dandruff, Oily skin or

Keeping hair hygiene for children and infants in kindergartens is problematic and not simple. A peace of mind cram is a 100% natural and effective product that allows treatment even when all other products fail. The cream contains a mixture of excellent essential oils for rejection and its composition soothes the hair and makes it more durable. In addition, a rosemary-based hair shampoo will complement the long-term prevention. You also can use rosemary oil, but we recommend that it will be diluted and carefully used.