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100% naturally made night cream for oily, dry or combination of skin at Lavender Cosmetics.
Deep and natural cleansing night cream by lavender cosmetics
The perfect solution for oily skin. Shop face wash for oily skin online.
Natural Facial toner for oily skin by Lavender's skin care series

Green Clay Purifying Mask

An excellent mask that balances the skin
An incredible mix of natural clays with VItamin C suitable for normal to dry skin by lavender cosmetics night cream series.
The facial toner cleanses and allows the skin to breathe and heal. Order online!!

Therapeutic Facial Toner

The facial toner cleanses and allows the skin to breathe and heal.
The perfect set for deep cleansing that leaves your skin looking fresh and nourished.

The Facial Cleansing Set

The perfect set for deep cleansing.
A deep cleansing experience that will make your face feel balanced and soft.

Deep Cleansing Facial Package

The perfect set to clean your face gently and deeply

Natural facial cleansing is the first and most important step in treating your skin to its best. We recommend a mild cleansing with our facial soap that cleanses thoroughly without damaging the natural fat layer of the skin, thus maintaining the moisture and elasticity of the skin and preparing them for further products according to your skin type. Once a week we recommend adding peeling with our medicinal plant peeling and cleansing mask according to your skin type with vitamin C.