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All-Natural Anti-Aging Cream with Astaxanthin

Our leading and unique series based on Astaxanthin the red seaweed extract that has been scientifically proven to improve skin elasticity, brighten pigmentation and improve skin appearance throughout use. The natural anti-aging cream will give your skin a deep and thorough treat while you sleep and enrich it with antioxidants and essential oils to lighten your skin. The day series will protect your skin from sun damage and give it moisture and elasticity. All of the products together reduce wrinkles, prevent their formation and enrich the skin with natural moisture. You are invited to recognize an unusual, rich texture and wonderful aromas that will give your facial skin a glowing look and touch of silk.

Why Natural Anti-Aging Creams From Lavender All Natural Cosmetic?

  • 100% Natural, 100% Active, cream that are concntrated up to 5 times more than regular cream and great for dry skin.
  • Natural Astaxanthin extract grown in Israel desert.
  • Handmade in Lavender All Natural Cosmetic workshop in Israel, Licensed by the Ministry of Health and under GMP quality standard.
  • Clean products – Delicate for skin without SLS and petroleum products, without preservatives and other chemicals and without synthetic scents, only pure essential oils.
  • Fresh products – We manufacture our anti-aging creams in small quantities and give the product’s expiry of 18 months from the date of manufacture. We make sure to bring the products fresh as much as possible so you can enjoy fresh cosmetics like good food.
  • All Lavender Natural Cosmetic products come without extra outer packaging (box) and all packaging are glass or plastic that goes through recycling easily – doing everything possible to minimize environmental impact.

All Natural cosmetics that go well with our Natural Anti-Aging creams

Natural face cleaning – before and moisturizing or anti-aging cream you must be sure that your skin is clean from all the air pollution and other dirts otherwise your skin will not absorb the cream as it should. start your dayliy face treat with our natural face wash from olive oil great for all skin types. once or twice weekly you can make deeper cleaning with our all-natural exfoliating powder you mix into our face soap as you love it and massage your face skin. Absorb deeper excess oils with our face regenerating clay mask with antiaging active vitamin C for brighter skin.

Acne-prone skin? sometimes our anti-aging cream are not good for acne-prone skin. For this skin, we suggest first our cleaning series for balancing cleaning without too much drying. for acne-prone skin we have special serum for oily skin.

if you are also  interested in our all-natural anti-aging cream online and want more information, we at lavender all-natural cosmetic will be happy to assist call us +972-772127172 or contact us