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Natural Oils For The Skin


Natural Essential Oils for Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and guards you against the outside world. Natural oils in the skin provide the moisture barrier which does most of the heavy lifting. Well-dried out skin causes tears in the moisture barrier which is why we need natural essential oils for skin.

Don’t We Produce Natural Oils for the Skin Ourselves?

We do. However, we produce skin oils at different rates depending on our age, skin type, and lifestyle. While we are younger we might produce an abundance of oils, but as we age we produce less of it.

Not only do we need to start worrying about oil and collagen production after around 30, but dry and dry-combination skin types can face a decline in oil production in their mid to late 20s.

Are Natural Oils for the Skin a Solution for Dryness?

Natural oils for skin help to supplement the oils you naturally produce. They lubricate the skin and restore the moisture barrier, as well as allow moisturizers to work more optimally.

Oils produced by plants such as olives, bergamot fruit, and rosemary balance oils and seal in moisture, replenishing your skin.

Does All-Natural Mean Ethical?

With Lavender Cosmetics’ products, it does. Not only are all of our products 100% natural, but they are also 100% vegan and cruelty-free.  Our products are handmade in Israel and all our wastewater are treated with plants and fish and are good for the environment. We use as little packaging as possible and All packaging we do have is recyclable.

Thank your Moisture Barrier with Natural Essential Oils for Skin

Your skin does a lot. As we get older or become more stressed its elasticity and ability to protect us from the damage of the environment is compromised. Thank your skin for all it does with Lavender Cosmetics’ natural oils for the skin.