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Aromatherapy Bush Pendant

A medicinal scent with you everywhere.

Aromatherapy Mandala Pendant

A medicinal scent with you everywhere you go!

Aromatherapy Tree of Life Pendant

A medicinal scent with you everywhere.

Bergamot Essential Oil

A joyous essential oil that relieves anxiety, regulates appetite and more.

Breathe Better Set

Our Breathe Better Set has helped many of our customers.

Breathe Oil Blend – Lavender Cosmetics

Take a deep and healthy breath with this unique blend of pure essential oils.

CedarWood Essential Oil

CedarWood  Essential Oil is a good insect repellant.

Citrus Joy Oil Blend

Uplifting citrus aroma with a delightful vanilla touch creating a unique aromatic mixture.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage plant grows in the Middle East region and its seeds are very rich in omega-3

Clove Essential oil

Clove Essential Oil is disinfectant, and known for treating toothache.

Pure essential oils for a variety of uses for body and soul to use with base oils for skin care and for full aromatherapy treatment or alternatively several drops with water in the burner treatment and cleansing of the atmosphere as well as mosquito repellent. All you want is here