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Liquid Body Wash


All-Natural Liquid Body Wash

Did you know that over 1 billion plastic bottles of liquid body wash are thrown out every year? Or that only 25% of that plastic gets recycled? This means 75% of garbage from necessities winds up in landfills or the ocean.

At Lavender Cosmetics we don’t believe you should compromise your hygiene, or the convenience liquid body wash provides to be environmentally conscious. This is why our wide selection of all-natural liquid body washes come in eco-friendly 100% recyclable packaging.

A Clean Body with a Clear Conscience

Not only do all our products come in clean packaging, but we also use eco-friendly wastewater in the manufacturing process. We maintain the highest production quality while all our products are handmade right here in Israel.

Reducing our carbon footprint is only one part of how we respect nature which we owe not only our products but our lives. The other way is to respect the animals that live among us. We do this by refusing to test on animals.

Know your conscience is as clean as your body with a natural liquid body wash that’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Lavender Cosmetics’ All-Natural Liquid Body Wash is as Great for your Skin as it is for the Environment

Our all-natural liquid body wash come in a variety of indulgent scents with ingredients used in skincare for centuries.

Our formulas use Castille soap, derived from olive oil with invigorating ingredients such as citrus flower and lemongrass, or soothing ingredients like lavender and camomile. No matter what you choose, know that our liquid body wash cares for your skin and the planet.