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Calm Head – Lavender Cosmetics

Calm Head – 100% natural remedy for cleaning and maintaining hair and keeping lice away.

Natural Hair Serum

A natural hair serum that contains a blend of excellent natural oils.
$26.90 $22.87

Natural Hair Cream

A 100% natural cream that contains excellent vegetable oils.

Olive Oil Shampoo

A unique liquid natural shampoo based on virgin olive oil.

Natural Shampoo Bar

Wonderful natural shampoo bar - nourishing for hair and skin

Natural and gentle hair care for healthier scalp skin and for vital and healthy hair. From the experience of many customers, the transition to Lavender’s natural hair products greatly improves the problems of hair loss, scalp itching and thin, unhealthy hair. The natural line of care includes olive oil shampoo, which gently cleanses and protects the scalp, a hair moisturizer used as a nourishing mask or as a shaping cream for. Our light serum is perfect to improve hair shine and healthy hair ends.