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Calm Head for constant hygienic hair care treatment.

Calm Head

Calm Head – for constant hygienic hair treatment.
Natural hair serum contains a range of excellent vitamins for hair by lavender's hair products

Natural Hair Serum

A natural hair care serum that contains a blend of excellent Natural oils.
100% natural hair cream to enrich and nourish the hair and scalp.

Natural Hair Cream

A 100% natural cream that contains excellent vegetable oils.
Natural olive oil shampoo by lavender's best hair product series.

Olive Oil Shampoo

A unique liquid shampoo based on virgin olive oil.
Natural Shampoo Bar based on virgin olive oil by lavender's best hair product series.

Lavender Hair Care natural cosmetics allow your hair to get the nourishment and protection it needs while maintaining a natural and healthy appearance of the hair. All products contain no substances that damage, dehydrate, or weaken the hair. Using our natural shampoo, non-salty shampoo, hair cream and natural serum will restore to your hair the natural shine and moisture taken from it after long use of chemicals. Our hair series is rich in natural vegetable oils – Rosemary oil, olive oil, Coconut oil and jojoba oil known for their natural and wonderful ability to restore and nurture your hair.