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“Tali” – A Special Gift Set

An all natural gift set for someone special in your life.

A Gift Set For The Family

The perfect present for the whole family.
The package includes a Liquid Soap, A Bar Soap, a Rich Body Oil and an all natural Lip Balm.
Aromatherapy protection everywhere with a unique aromatic chain

Lavender Gift Box

A refreshing gift set for every occasion

Lavender lavish travel toiletry bag

A toiletry bag for travel and excursions.

Lavender makeup bag

Compact but spacious - a toioletry / makeup bag.

Liora – Gift set for newborn and mom

A pampering package containing natural products.
men’s grooming kit which can be used after shaving, or for daily use will nourish and hydrate your skin.

Men’s Grooming Kit

The facial grooming set for men.

New Year Gift Set LemonGrass

Make someone happy with small set of Lavender's finest products.
Anti-aging Night Serum provides the nourishment and pigmentation treatment

Night Anti-Aging Set

Give your skin an extra boost at night right before bedtime.

Gift like no other – 100% natural and luxurious gifts that are fun to give and to get! Gift boxes suitable for women, men, women after childbirth. All the products are carefully HandMade in Israel, rich in aromas and pure aromatic oils. If you are looking for a luxurious gift for any need and any gifts number or you want other gifts sets let us know and we will make a perfect gift for you.