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Natural Castile Soap – for great experience each day

Natural castile soap from virgin olive oil with excellent pure essential oils that make wonders for the skin. Soaps that will enrich your skin with aromatic herbal oils, for a perfect sense of softness and aroma. All the soaps we produce are handmade in cold production process to maintain the quality of the ingredients. Among our special soaps – natural Loofah soap great soap with the sponge inside, natural vanilla and patchouli soap for sensual and intoxicating sensations. Natural Dead Sea mud soap And many more.

Why Natural Castile Soap from Lavender All Natural Cosmetic?

  • 100% Natural Olive Oil Castile Soap
  • Handmade in Lavender All Natural Cosmetic workshop in Israel under ISO-GMP quality standard.
  • Clean products – Delicate for skin without SLS and petroleum products, without preservatives and other chemicals and without synthetic scents, only pure essential oils.
  • Fresh products – We manufacture our Castile soaps in small quantities and give the product’s expiry of 24 months from the date of manufacture. We make sure to bring the products fresh as much as possible so you can enjoy fresh cosmetics like good food.
  • All Lavender Natural Cosmetic castile soap are very fast biodegradable very good for camping or grey water system – great for nature.

Natural cosmetics that go well with natural castile soaps

Dry or Very dry skin? if you suffer from dry skin the transfer to olive oil soap is a great choice and you will feel the improvement easily. But second step is to choose the right body butters or the right body oil to keep your skin in its best – smooth and elastic to touch.
If you are looking for natural liquid castile soap? We offer a wide range of natural liquid soap based on virgin olive oil from Israel olives with pure essential oils to nourish your skin and soul. Try our lavender liquid soap for calming experience or patchouli vanilla soap for uplifting showers. Our citrus flower soap will return you each day to being in an orange field filled with flowers.

If you are also interested in our all-natural castile soap and want more information, we at lavender all-natural cosmetic will be happy to assist call us +972-772127172 or contact us