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All-Natural Liquid Castile Soap – Perfect For Your Skin

Our natural liquid Castile soap is handmade from fresh raw materials. They are rich in Israeli virgin olive oil, coconut oil and essential oils that will make the shower and bath an exciting and pleasant experience along with the improvement in skin condition over time. From citrus blossom soap that will delight you every time, gentle lavender natural liquid soap for calming body and soul, vanilla patchouli soap for good mood and lemon grass soap that gives a wonderful freshness.

What is Castile Soap?

Castille soap is a soap with an olive oil base rather than glycerin or, back in the day, rendered animal fats. It originates from the levant, where olives and their by-products were used in most aspects of life.

When it was brought to Europe, it was most successful in Castile Spain, hence the name. Back in the middle ages, it proved more pleasant to use and better for the skin than their animal fat counterparts.

Today Castile soap is better for those with dry skin and those who wash their hands frequently. The olive oil leaves skin moisturized and adds antioxidants. Not only does this promote healthy skin, but it can reduce the damage done by environmental stress.

Why Should I use Castile Soap?

Unlike liquid soaps and bars found in grocery stores, castile soap will not strip natural oils from your skin.

Is Liquid Castile Soap Natural?

Yes. Castile soap is natural as it’s derived from organic matter. 100% olive oil liquid Castile soap washes the skin without leaving it parched with pure olives.

Additives in Lavender Cosmetic’s liquid Castile soap are essential oils that are derived from 100% plant matter. The olive oil acts not only as a cleansing and hydrating agent but also as a carrier, delivering beneficial ingredients to your skin.

All-natural liquid Castile olive soap has stood the test of time, and Lavender Cosmetic’s addition of essential oils or dead sea mud boosts the already prevalent benefits of olive oil.

Why Natural Liquid Castile Soap from Lavender All Natural Cosmetic?

  • 100% Natural olive oil liquid castile soap from virgin olive oil made in Israel
  • Handmade in Lavender All Natural Cosmetic workshop in Israel, Licensed by the Ministry of Health and under GMP quality standard.
  • Clean products – Delicate for skin without SLS and petroleum products, without preservatives and other chemicals and without synthetic scents, only pure essential oils.
  • Fresh products – We manufacture our liquid castile soaps in small quantities and give the product’s expiry of 18 months from the date of manufacture. We make sure to bring the products fresh as much as possible so you can enjoy fresh cosmetics like good food.
  • All Lavender Natural Cosmetic products come without extra outer packaging (box) and all the liquid soaps packaging are PET plastic that goes through recycling easily. All our wastewater from manufacturing the soaps are biologically treated with fish and plants – doing everything possible to minimize environmental impact.

Natural cosmetics that go well with natural liquid castile soaps

Dry or Very dry skin? if you suffer from dry skin the transfer to olive oil soap is a great choice and you will feel the improvement easily. But second step is to choose the right body butters based on Organic Shea butter or Coconut Oil to nourish the skin and give you all the vitamins and moister your skin need for elastic and happy skin.
You want natural Bar castile soap? Try our selection of natural bar soaps with virgin olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil and with wonderful natural additives to make each bath a sensual treat. One of our best seller is the natural bar soap with loofah sponge and Lavender essential oils for a sponge in a soap wonder. Another best seller is our olive oils soap with Dead Sea mud for very gentle and lovely soap.

If you are also interested in our all-natural body oils and want more information, we at lavender all-natural cosmetic will be happy to assist call us +972-772127172 or contact us