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After Workout Bath Salt

A natural bath salt used after a workout, effective with muscles especially after a physical effort or an exhausting day.
Size: 14.1Oz, 400gr

Citrus Flower Castile Soap

Citrus blossom aroma in the shower. Natural hand-made soaps made by the cold method, pampering with a caressing touch and an  refreshing scent.

Dead Sea Bath Salt – Lavender

Bath salt that will give you relaxation and balance.
Size: 14.1Oz 400gr

Lavender Body Oil

(1 customer review)

Body oil that provides moisture and softness to the skin, contains pure vegetable oils and is based on excellent English lavender essential oil. It is easily absorbed and provides moisture.
Size: 3.52fl.oz 100ml

Natural Deodorant Stick Lavender-Rosemary

(6 customer reviews)

Our natural, Vegan deodorant is made of mild ingredients in order to neutralize sweat odor without damaging the sweating process. Lavender’s Deodorant is perfectly suitable for delicate skin.
Size: 1.76fl.oz 50ml

LemonGrass Body Oil

A wonderful, refreshing scent of Lemongrass and Rosewood. A massage oil that contains pure vegetable oils, based on oils that are effective in the treatment of muscle pain and fast absorbing.
size: 3.52fl.oz 100ml

LemonGrass Liquid Soap

A refreshing and pampering liquid soap rich in oils. 100% natural and does not dry. with a refreshing scent of lemon grass and rosewood.

Natural Deodorant Stick Lemongrass

(6 customer reviews)

Easy to use and effective, our Natural Deodorant Stick with refreshing lemon fragrance is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. Our natural Deodorant does not harm the natural sweating.
Size: 1.76fl.oz 50ml

Liquid Castile Soap Citrus Flower

(2 customer reviews)

100% natural healthy soap, gentle, for delicate skin. Suitable for babies and pregnant women. No SLS, no preservatives, no synthetic fragrance.
Size: 8.45fl.oz 250ml

Liquid Castile Soap – Lavender

(4 customer reviews)

This unique liquid soap is based on virgin olive oil with Lavender essential oils that will nurture the skin and improve its health.
Size: 8.8fl.oz 250ml

Natural Liquid Soap – Lemongrass

The most refreshing shower you ever had, starts here! A pampering soap with a scent of Lemongrass.
Size: 8.8fl.oz 250ml

Natural Liquid Soap -Patchouli Vanilla

(1 customer review)

This unique, all natural liquid castile soap Patchouli Vanilla is based on virgin olive oil with essential oils in order to nurture the skin and ellavate spirit.
Size: 8.5fl.oz 250ml

Vegan body care products for you. actually the only ingredients in our other products that not authorized as vegan is beeswax, so we list here all our body products that do not contain beeswax. All of our products are made while preserving and respecting nature. Natural ingredients that are pampering, nutritious and healthy. For your convenience, we have marked for you all vegan products with the Vegan logo and our Vegan products conforms to the strict demands of Vegan Friendly foundation Israel.