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Citrus Flower Castile Soap

Natural hand-made soap with citrus flower aroma

Natural Olive Oil Soaps – Unpacked

A variety of natural soaps made from cold-pressed virgin olive oil.

Olive Oil Dead Sea Mud soap

This unique Dead Sea mud soap is based on virgin olive oil

Olive Oil Soap With Natural Loofah

The Loofah Soap offers a gentle massage and peeling at the same time.

Therapuetic Castile Soap Bar

Natural soap with green clay, made from virgin olive oil.

Jojoba Castile Exfoliating Soap

An excellent soap bar for all skin types, containing Jojoba seeds for gentle peeling

Vanilla Patchouli Castile Soap

Excellent soap for the young in spirit!

Natural soap from virgin olive oil with excellent pure essential oils that make wonders for the skin. Soaps that will enrich your skin with aromatic herbal oils, for a perfect sense of softness and aroma. All the soaps we produce are handmade in cold production process to maintain the quality of the ingredients. Among our special soaps – natural Luffa soap great soap with the sponge inside, natural vanilla and patchouli soap for sensual and intoxicating sensations. And many more.