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Lavender Hand Cream

(1 customer review)

Our all natural Lavender Hand Cream is the perfect treatment for your hands. The best ingredients give your hands the care they deserve.  It provides moisture and helps your hands to get back their

Hand Cream – Vanilla Patchouli

(5 customer reviews)

A beautifully-vanilla scented hand cream for healthy hands made with all natural ingredients. It is absorbed rapidly and keeps your hands and cuticles soft and moisturized.

Therapeutic Foot Cream

(13 customer reviews)

The perfect cream for your fatigued, dry feet. It leaves your feet soft, elastic and hydrated. It restores cracks and fights extreme dryness thanks to the Shea butter and its aromatic oils.

Special cream for treating dried and cracked foot in few uses based on Shea butter, calendula and special essential oils blends. For the hand we have fast absorbing cream with Shea Butter and natural oils to nourish and maintain your hands at there best.