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After WorkOut Bath Salt

A natural bath salt used after a workout.

Arnica Massage Oil

Arnica Oil is known to soothe bruises and muscle pain.

Children’s Bath Salts

Our natural bath salt makes children feel comfortable.

Citrus Flower Castile Soap

Natural hand-made soaps made by the cold method.

Dead Sea Bath Salt – Lavender

Bath salt that will give you relaxation and balance.

Gentle Care Cream

Gentle Care cream a natural remdy for irritated skin!

Lavender Hand Cream

Our all natural Hand Cream is the perfect treatment for your hands.

Hand Cream – Vanilla Patchouli

A beautifully-vanilla scented hand cream.

Lavender Body Oil

Body oil that provides moisture and softness to the skin.

Natural Deodorant – Rosemary

Our natural deodorant is made of mild ingredients

We at Lavender believe that the skin that protect us is also permeable and therefore everything we put on our skin penetrates into our bodies. That’s why we must use only gentle, natural, clean and nourishing to allow the body to continue to be at its best. We specialize in natural cosmetics and believe that nature around us has everything necessary to create quality, effective and ecological beauty products.