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Shea Butter Benefits and Uses for Face

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Shea Butter – Body Butter is produced from the Vitellaria Paradoxa tree in a long process of drying and crushing, which eventually turns into ivory butter. The butter is also known as “crête butter,” since the tree is also known as the “Kittai tree” (in freeform: the tree of life).

The tree that grows in Africa reaches a height of about 20 meters and begins to bear fruit only after 25 years.

Shea Butter – History
Shea butter has been used in the fields of cultivation and health for thousands of years, and is known for its existence in the ancient Egyptian kingdoms where the nobles used butter to pour it on their hair and skin to protect them from the desert weather, the burning sun and the dry winds. Shea butter has been produced in African countries for hundreds of years and traditionally dates back to the same goals.


Features of Shea Butter
Shea butter is rich in vitamin E (antioxidant), fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates. It can also be eaten and nourishes both internal and external use. Shea softens and maintains excellent skin from dryness but also has wonderful therapeutic qualities. It has a pearl tint and almost odorless and therefore serves as a successful basis in addition to its medicinal properties listed above. Shea Butter

In a Japanese article in 2010, high concentrations of substances found to be effective against inflammation were identified and are also effective in preventing the action of substances that can cause cancer. (1)

Uses of Shea butter
In the modern world, butter is used as the base of 100% natural in the cosmetics industry. Shea is a wonderful material used to make a base for creams, lotions and body lotions that maintain skin moisture. Since the process of producing the butter is long, its price is relatively expensive compared to other natural base oils.

Shea butter nourishes the skin so it is used to treat various skin conditions such as rash, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, skin infections and fungus. It also relieves skin irritation caused by stings, allergies, sunburns and minor injuries. The butter nourishes and rehabilitates mature skin and also skin with stretch marks. In the field of cultivation it is used as a moisturizing and protective ingredient in hair preparations and as a protective factor in skin preparations.

Shea butter can be used at any age, so it is very suitable for babies, pregnant women and after birth, for sensitive, damaged or mature skin. It is great for use as raw butter, and excellent when synergistic with oils and sites that support its properties.

Shea Butter in Lavender Products
Lavender can be purchased with raw organic shea butter. And a selection of creams for pampering or treatment containing or based on shea butter. Face cream, foot cream and hand lotion, baby lotion, lip care lipstick and many other products. All products contain organic shea butter at very high concentrations.


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1. Akihisa T et all. (2010) Anti-inflammatory and chemopreventive effects of triterpene cinnamates and acetates from shea fat, J Oleo Sci. 2010; 59 (6): 273-80. PMID: 20484832

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