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Rose Water and Aloe Vera for Face

The Rose Aloe vera Toner will give the skin freshness, thoroughly cleanse the skin and enrich it with moisture. Know the freshest product in your skin care routine – rose and Aloe Vera toner

It took us a long way to find 100% natural rose water without preservatives and other chemical in. we make sure to see the flowers harvest and the organic rose water production in Bulgaria rose valley.

The toner contains organic rose water, aloe vera and high grade alcohol made from plant.
The rose water is produced by the process of distilling the petals of a damascene rose and is mentioned in ancient writings as wonderful for the skin of the face and also today:
• Its has a rich scent that is known to soothe and lower blood pressure
• It contains anti-inflammatory components and soothe irritated and red skin
• Balance pH levels of facial skin
• Excellent for dry, cracked skin and moisturizing skin
• Rich in antioxidants and therefore useful for slowing the skin aging process

Aloe vera for facial skin

Many of us know aloe vera as a relaxing plant, a cooling and suitable for treatment of bruises and burns. The aloe vera plant is also good for the face:
• It promotes regeneration of tissues
• Soothes wounds and is therefore excellent for treating damaged skin
• Helps restore natural moisture
• Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant

How and when to use

Rose and Aloe Vera Toner is recommended for daily cleaning and grooming immediately after washing the face with mild soap (for those with oily skin, use our Best toner for oily skin).
Facial toner should be sprayed on cotton wool and gently clean the face. Care should be taken when touching the eye area.
After cleaning the facial skin is prepared to absorb the best serum or cream.

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