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Rose Water and Aloe Vera Toner for the Face

rose water and alovera toner
The Rose Aloe vera Toner makes your skin feel fresh, cleanses the skin and enrich it with moisture. We want to introduce you to the freshest product in your skincare routine.
It took us a long way to find a 100% natural rose water without preservatives and other chemicals in it. In “Lavender Cosmetics” we make sure to see ourselves the flowers harvest and the organic rose water production in Bulgaria’s rose valley.
The toner contains organic rose water, aloe vera, and high-grade alcohol made from plants.
They create rose water after the process of distilling the petals of a damascene rose. It is mentioned in ancient writings for being known as a wonderful way to cleanse the skin and refresh the face. Today we appreciate its value even more.
• Its rich scent is known to soothe and lower blood pressure.
• The toner contains anti-inflammatory components and soothes irritated and red skin.
• By using it daily, you can balance the pH levels of your facial skin.
• Excellent for dry and cracked skin.
• It is rich in antioxidants.
It is known to slow the skin aging process.

Rose Aloe Vera Toner and other face cleaning natural products

Aloe Vera for the Facial Skin

Many of us have heard that aloe vera is a relaxing plant and has a cooling effect on the skin. It is suitable for the treatment of bruises and burns. “Lavender Cosmetics” team knows that the aloe vera plant is also good for the face.
• It promotes the regeneration of tissues.
• Aloe Vera soothes wounds by treating the damaged skin.
• By applying it daily, you can restore the natural moisture of the skin.
• It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant

How Do You Use The Rose Aloe Vera Toner

We recommend that you use our  Natural Facial Toner Rose  Aloe Vera daily for cleaning and taking care of your face skin. First, you wash your face with a mild soap, before you can apply our Rose Aloe Vera Toner.  Soak a cotton pad with our toner, then swipe it over your entire face and neck.
Avoid the eye area. After cleansing, you can apply the best serum or face cream. We recommend our Nourishing Face Serum.

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