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Homemade Winter Body Cream Recipe

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(Be Careful – this cream is addictive 🙂 100% natural body butter, rich in exquisite raw materials for dry skin. Preparing the cream is really simple and you will have a lot of cream for the entire winter season.
The amount we will prepare is enough for 250 cc of cream, we chose to divide it into 3 jars of 100 cc each. We will use the first and the rest will keep in the refrigerator well closed to keep fresh.
Heating plate/stove
Ben Marie (pot in a pot)
3 jars of 100 cc each
Thermometer (recommended)
Pipette (recommended)
Raw materials:
100g Organic Shea Butter
100 grams of coconut butter
25 cc almond oil
25 cc grapeseed oil
20 cc Jojoba oil
5 drops of natural Vitamin E
8 drops of carrot oil
10 drops Lavender essential oil
7 drops of essential geranium oil
2 drop of Jasmine essential oil in jojoba
To work in a hygienic manner that will also help maintain the quality of the cream – we recommend working with gloves and disinfecting the dishes in alcohol (70%) before starting work.
Preparation before starting – fill the pot with water and heat on medium strength until the water becomes hot. The inside pot must be filled with 100 grams of shea butter and 100 g of coconut butter. Mix when heating until fully melted and uniform than taking out from the heat. It is important not to get to much heat. The melted butter should be placed aside until the mixture cools to a temperature of up to 30 degrees.
A separate vessel with scales should be filled with vegetable oils: 25 cc almond oil, 25 cc grapeseed oil, 20 cc jojoba oil, and mix. Check the temperature of the melted butter and when it reaches a temperature below 30 degrees dissolve the oils and mix well. To the mixture of the butter and vegetable oils, add 5 drops of natural vitamin E and 8 drops of carrot oil, 10 drops of lavender essential oil, 7 drops essential geranium oil, 5 essential jasmine oil in jojoba.
All oils must be mixed well.
Pour into jars and close them tightly
The jars should be put in the refrigerator for 12 hours (not for the freezer!)
Opening validity: 6 months
The cream you have prepared is great for the winter season and has all the ingredients that promise you soft, moist skin. The cream will help you cope with the dry weather during the winter.
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Why did we choose these ingredients?
Shea butter and coconut butter – both wonderful butter for dry skin, cracked and irritated. They are rich in vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants and enrich dry skin with moisture.
Vegetable oils Jojoba, almonds and grape seeds are wonderful for the skin, improving the absorption of compliments, rich in minerals, vitamin E and antioxidants. They are also pleasant to use and easily absorbed.
Carrot oil – rich in beta carotene, gives a beautiful shade to the cream, soothes the skin and gives it shine and flexibility.
Vitamin E – Apart from the fact that it is antioxidant (neutralizes free radicals that accelerate skin aging) it also helps in the process of maintaining the quality of the cream over time.
Essential Oils
We recommend that you combine at least three oils to get a significant synergistic combination.
We prefer a gentle, natural scent, but if you like strong aromas, you are invited to drop a lot more than the essential oils (note, they are very concentrated).
Lavender essential oil – a wonderful oil, soothing, and blends perfectly with other oils.
Geranium essential oil – physical and mental balance, good for dry skin treatment.
Jasmine essential oil in jojoba – powerful and luxurious oil, with a wonderful smell, soothing ability, and heating. A joyous and sexually arousing oil.

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