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Products for Skin Asthma Treatment

External treatment is a very important and necessary part for those who suffer from skin asthma. The external treatment provides a treatment solution for skin inflammation and a preventive response. The use of natural products that are free of chemicals that can irritate the skin and put more toxins into the body is very important for everyone with sensitive skin and people with an allergic tendency in particular. We recommend a number of preparations manufactured in Lavender 100% Natural cosmetic from natural materials only and suitable for use in infants, children and adults. The products described below are products designed from infants up to 120.
• Treatment soap based on virgin olive oil, cold pressed jojoba oil, containing calendula extract and oils from chamomile and lavender sites. This soap, like all Lavender products, does not contain petroleum products (found in any standard soap and shampoos). The essential oils: chamomile and lavender are excellent for the skin, with properties that soothe the skin, from damaged and anti-inflammatory tissue. Adults have a large variety of solid and liquid soaps from extra virgin olive oil.
• Gentle therapeutic cream: A cream that should be used during an outbreak, should be applied to the lesions themselves. It contains shea butter which is itself excellent for nourishing the skin, it is good for dry skin, cracked, eczema, cuts, skin infections. The essential oils in this cream are high-quality oils with therapeutic properties for infections and skin lesions. Lavender, chamomile, neroli, and calendula, soothing the itch, firming the skin, protecting it and nourishing it. It is a cream that can be used as a preventative to nourish sensitive skin.
• Another recommended product is baby massage oil that can be applied to the dry skin, or a few drops in the bath. Excellent for baby massages and of course for adults. The oil contains almond oil in cold pressing and the essential oils Lavender and Neroli oils known as soothing and releasing, excellent for reducing tensions that accumulate in the muscles and of course also affect the internal calm.

It is important to understand that the allergic tendency can not be eliminated, but proper treatment of the disease and lifestyle change can lead to a significant reduction in outbreaks, until they completely disappear. Without a doubt, change requires commitment, but the question that needs to be kept in mind is how important is it to you to improve the quality of your life?


This article was written by Nurit Maor Naturopathic and Herbalist and Tali Matzliach Holistic therapist.

All that is written on the site is based on the opinion of the writers and their best experience and is not a substitute for a medical opinion.

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