Rosemary Essential Oil


Rosemary Essential oil with a strong and refreshing fragrance that relieves pain, purifies, refreshes and invigorates. Excellent for lice reppelling and head hygiene, effective in treating acne, dandruff, Oily skin or

GMP certified
100% hand made
Not tested on animals
Made in Israel

Rosemary Essential Oil – Rosmarinus officinalis

Pure rosemary oil is produced by distillation of the whole plant.
Country of origin for oil – Morocco.

Rosemary Essential Oil has a strong and refreshing fragrance. It Relieves headaches and muscles, very effective in treating acne, dandruff, oily skin or hair, hair growth. In addition, it helps to tighten loose skin due to it’s shrinking effect. Rosemary oil also stimulates and strengthens emotionaly. In Lavender Natural Cosmetics  we use Rosemary Essential Oil For hair in products like moisturizing Hair Cream, Shampoos and Lavender and rosemary Deodorants.

Natural Rosemary Oil from Lavender Natural Cosmetics

  • High quality oil.
  • Undiluted, pure oil.
  • 100% Natural oil free of chemicals and synthetic scents.

Recommended ways to use pure Rosemary Oil from Lavender Natural Cosmetics

  • Add 4 drops of Lavender Natural Cosmetics Rosemary Oil to a tablespoon of olive oil and massage in circular movements in order to relieve tight muscles.
  • Apply 4-5 drops of Rosemary Oil in an aromatherapy diffuser or an essential oil Pendant
  • Lice? We often see recommendations for using concentrated Rosemary oil behind the ears in order to prevent lice contagion. Here in Lavender Natural Cosmetics we recommend not to apply essential oil directly on skin because of its high potency. Never the less, if you still want, you can dilute the essential oil with sweet Almond oil or Olive oil and only then apply a little on your hair every morning.

Recommended natural cosmetics containing Rosemary Essential Oil for hair

Lavender Rosemary Natural Deodorant – with great smell and effectiveness throughout the day. This natural Deodorant will protect you for many hours without interrupting the body’s important natural sweating process.
The deodorant is available both in an easy to use Vegan stick and in the economical Cream version.

Natural Hair Cream – Hair mask based on Coconut oil that is ideal for daily use and styling for curly hair. This great cream will add to your hair a healthy appearance, and will deeply nourish dry and damaged hair.

Olive oil Shampoo and solid Shampoo Bar  – Rosemary essential oil is excellent for hair use and so we add it to both our easy-to-use, eco-friendly Shampoo Bar and to our Olive Oil Shampoo, in order to promote, nourish and moisturize the scalp.

Calm Head – You can also buy our excellent designated cream for preventing and keeping away lice, which fits for daily use.

Some option to use: in burner/diffuser put 3-5 drops in water. For massage add 2 drop for tablespoon of carrier oil. for pedant use 2-3 drop on the sponge. not for use on sin directly.

Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf oil



Lavender Cosmetic

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