Ravintsara (Ravensara) Essential Oil


An excellent oil used to treat respiratory problems in infants and children. Kills all types of infections, strengthens the immune system and is effective for winter illnesses and chronic fatigue. 5ml 0.17Fl.Oz

GMP certified
100% hand made
Not tested on animals
Made in Israel

Ravintsara (Ravensara) Essential Oil – Cinnamomum camphora

Ravintsara (Ravensara) Essential Oil has a refreshing scent. The oil is used to treat respiratory problems in infants and children with asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis. As a matter of fact it often stops the bronchial wheezing immediately and is effective against coughing as well.

Ravintsara oil kills all types of infections, strengthens the immune system and helps adapting to stress. It eases chronic fatigue and therefore is a must-have for winter diseases!
The oil is excellent for sensitive people and children. We sell Ravintsara oil which is usable from a very young age, including babies (compared to Ravensara which is not safe for children!).

The name of the plant, Camphor Tree, is actually the same species of tree that grows in different places and produces different oils: in Madagascar it produces the Ravintsara, in Japan the Camphor and in China the Ho-wood. These essential oils are very different from each other hence the confusion.
Take few minutes to read about the differences between the Ravintsara and Ravensara oil

Ravintsara Oil from Lavender Natural Cosmetics

  • Lavender Natural Cosmetics Ravintsara oil is a top quality oil.
  • Undiluted, pure oil
  • 100% Natural oil free of chemicals and synthetic scents.

Recommended ways to use pure Ravintsara Oil from Lavender Natural Cosmetics

  • Ravintsara (Ravensara) Essential Oil is excellent for treating cough, breathing difficulties and more. It can be used for sniffing by dripping 3 to 4 drops on one of our aromatherapy Pendants, or on a piece of cloth.
  • For more meaningful treatment – you can prepare your own body oil to treat coughing and other respiratory problems, by mixing 5 drops of Ravintsara oil with sweet Almond oil. For best results, we recommend using it for massaging the chest area and between the shoulders.

Recommended natural cosmetics containing natural Ravintsara (Ravensara) Essential Oil

Ravintsara Massage OilLavender Natural Cosmetics special blend of Almond oil, Grape seed oil and other oils combined with Essential oils and excellent extracts known to help with coughs and various respiratory difficulties. Contain essential oils such as Ravintsara, Lemon Eucalyptus oil and other beneficial essential oils.

Breathe – Blend of pure essential oils for smelling, for use with an aromatherapy Pendant or essential oil diffuser. This strong blend contains oils that are proven to help with various respiratory system problems.

Some option to use: in burner/diffuser put 3-5 drops in water. For massage add 2 drop for tablespoon of carrier oil. for pedant use 2-3 drop on the sponge. not for use on sin directly.

Ravintsara Essential Oil (Cinnamomum camphora).

glass bottle 5ml 0.17fl.Oz.



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