Gentle Care Cream

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Gentle Care cream based on Shea butter, Calendula extract and essential oils that will help to heal and relief rushed and irritated skin.

GMP certified
100% hand made
Not tested on animals
Made in Israel

Gentle Care Cream

Our Gentle Care cream is based on Shea butter, Calendula extract and Essential oils. Excellent for reliefing and healing various skin irritations, from mild redness to burns, bites, skin asthma and more.

A natural remedy for your irritated skin!

Gentle Care Cream – Lavender Natural Cosmetics

  • 100% Natural, 100% Active, concentrated up to 5 times more than standard, similar products.
  • Handmade in Lavender All Natural family workshop in Israel, Licensed by the Ministry of Health and under GMP quality standard.
  • Clean products – Delicate for skin without SLS and petroleum products, without preservatives, salts and other chemicals. All scents are from pure essential oils.
  • Fresh products – We manufacture our natural creams & butters in small quantities and give the products expiry of 18 months from the date of manufacture. We make sure to deliver the products fresh as much as possible, so you can enjoy fresh soap just like you enjoy good food.
  • We take care of the environment! All our products come without extra outer packaging (box) and all packaging are made of glass or plastic which easily goes through recycling.
Natural cosmetics that goes well with Gentle Care Cream

Dry, irritated skin? Skin asthma? Natural Gentle Care Cream with Shea butter and essential oil blend will do wonders to your skin! To complete the treatment we recommend using our cold pressed Israeli olive oil Therapeutic Castil Soap with Calendula extract, Chamomile oil and Lavender that gently cleanse and supports dry skin without causing deterioration or worsening an existing skin problem, as standard SLS based cleanser and similar SLS materials do.

Baby Care? Babies have their own product line, gentle to use, with Liquid Baby Soap and a Gentle Baby Care Cream that will nourish baby’s skin, treat and prevent diaper rash and any sensitive, dry and irritated skin – including relief of skin asthma. The products are approved for use by babies by the Ministry of Health.

Apply small amount on skin as needed.

Organic Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Beeswax, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Lavender Oil, Calendula Officinalis Flower, Carota Sativa (Carrot) Oil, Geranium Maculatum Oil, Roman Chamomile (Anthmis Nobilis) Flower Oil, Neroli Oil



Lavender Cosmetic

Additional information

3.52fl.oz 100ml, 1.76fl.oz 50ml, 8.8fl.oz 250ml

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Gentle Care Cream

  1. Halli A

    All Lavender products are of high quality, especially red seaweed night serum, olive oil facial soap, foot cream, lavender body cream, gentle care cream, red algae day cream, green clay, eye cream .. and more….

  2. MIri Z

    I highly recommend the Night Serum and day Serum which are excellent. And, of course, the deodorants and the gentle therapeutic cream! Wonderful products.

  3. Maya M

    I want to recommend Lavender soap and ointment. My 6 year old son suffers from skin asthma. I tried several products that did not heal the wounds. The last experience was Lavender’s therapeutic soap and cream, which healed all the wounds he had. We only use their soap. I really recommend for Who’s suffers from skin asthma

  4. Tom

    My name is Tom, I suffer from severe dry skin due to asthma of the skin. After hundreds of attempts with innumerable creams, antibiotic creams and pills, I came to your shop, you recommended me the gentle care cream and said that it would make a change. After a period of searching I found what calms the skin and renew it in the best possible way and even its smells wonderful so I just wanted to say thank you Tom.

  5. clara V.C

    I only know the gentle care cream and I really like it! GOt to know other products!

  6. Shlomo

    I am 76 years old. I suffered from peeling on my nose. Using the cream solved the problem, absolutely. Recommended, recommended, recommended!

  7. Orit N

    My eighty-year-old mother suffered for years from severe psoriasis on her scalp and suffered from itching and even unpleasant odors from the lesions. Three months ago I purchased your shampoo and the therapeutic cream for hair not optimist after all the products we tried and nothing helped. With your shampoo and gentle care cream, the change in the skin condition was amazing within a few days. And now after three months the shampoo is over and I am buying again urgently because my mother will not use any other product. Thanks

  8. Yana Y

    Highly recommend the gentle 100% natural lavender care cream. A gentle texture cream that pampers the skin with a refreshing fragrance and most importantly completely calms irritated skin. I personally suffer from skin asthma and this cream helps me on a daily basis in soothing and nurturing the skin. Recommends to all women who want results and do not compromise on their quality and health!

  9. Yisaac

    I work a lot with my hands in water and plants (a florist). My skin is always wounded and very dry. Your cream saves me every night after a long day’s work.

  10. Sigal P

    The cream is easily applied, suitable for dry skin as it maintains moisture throughout the day and improves the appearance of the skin. Excellent !!! Recommend anyone who has sensitive or dry skin.

  11. Odelia

    I have been suffering from skin asthma for many years. My skin suffers almost no substance (including most washing powders!) On my last birthday I received a gift from Lavender. The skin’s asthma may still exist but there is no comparison, much better. Thank you!

  12. MIchal K

    In the last few years my skin has become unbearably sensitive. Every cream caused itching or tinged so I was almost completely prevented from using creams for the body. My skin was so dry that it cracked in some areas. I think I tried 100 different types of natural and non-natural creams (including with steroids!) Until I got to Lavender … The kindly salesman recommended me the therapeutic cream that’s just amazing! I have been using it for the past two years regularly as a body cream or just when arise some kind of sensitivity or redness in the skin. I have no idea what the wonder inside but it’s a wonder! improved Quality of life significantly.

  13. Zofit B.S

    Highly recommend this cream. As one that has a medical problem and that is why my skin is more dry than any dry skin. The cream is oily, quickly absorbed, smells great and does a great job. I put the cream on the face at night, amazing results, and the face glows.

  14. Lital M

    I went to the Lavender store in Kfar Saba with extreme dryness all over my body, I suffered from Atopic Dermatitis as a child, and my skin needs a significant nourishment to this day. I applied the gentle care cream for a week and returned in love for more. Within a few days I saw a significant difference in the skin, Soft and stayed that way for a whole day Thanks to Lavender. I became a regular customer!

  15. Stav

    The cream is excellent, it does the work and its smell really addictive. It is very rich and therefore sufficient to use a small amount. I apply it to my neck, palms, elbows and face when the situation is difficult. I have sensitive, dry skin and sometimes it really saves me. warmly recommended.

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