Clove Essential oil


Clove Oil is disinfectant, and well-known for the treatment of toothache. In addition clove oil repels insects , anesthetic and disinfectant.

GMP certified
100% hand made
Not tested on animals
Made in Israel

Clove oil is especially strong, disinfects, shrinks, warms and soothes sore muscles. Suitable for disinfection of wounds, excellent for treating and calming toothaches, gum infections and breathing problems.

* Not allowed during pregnancy.

* Do not use babies or toddlers.

Can be used very diluted for massage in carrier oil. In the case of gum / tooth pain, you can dilute a drop of clove oil in half glass of water and wash the mouth.

* Not allowed during pregnancy.

* Do not use babies or toddlers

Pure Clove Bud Oil

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0.34flOz 10ml

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