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Calm Head – 100% natural remedy for cleaning and maintaining hair and keeping lice away. Suitable also for very young children, allows clean and healthy hair care without the use of chemicals.

GMP certified
100% hand made
Not tested on animals
Made in Israel

Calm Head

Calm Head – for constant hygienic hair treatment. Based on a special blend of essential oils and vegetable oils known to be effective in keeping the hair clean and preventing lice from visiting. Use it both during an outbreak and daily for prevention. Keeps your hair  heathly and clean.

A daily natural remedy for healthy hair!

Calm Head from Lavender Natural Cosmetic

  • 100% Natural, 100% Active ingredients, therefore very concentrated and economical to use.
  • Handmade in our family workshop in Israel, Licensed by the Ministry of Health and under GMP quality standard.
  • Clean products – Delicate for skin SLS and petroleum products free, preservatives and other chemicals free and synthetic scents free, only pure essential oils.
  • Fresh products – Lavender natural cosmetic manufacture the Calm Head cream in small quantities and give the products expiry of 18 months from the date of manufacture. We make sure to bring the products fresh as much as possible so you can enjoy fresh cosmetics like fresh food.
  • All the products come without extra outer packaging (box) and all packaging are glass or plastic that goes through recycling easily – doing everything possible to minimize environmental impact.
Natural cosmetics that go well with Natural Calm Head

Dry hair? Itchy scalp? Our natural Olive Oil Shampoo  or Natural Shampoo Bar will gently cleanse the scalp and hair and restore its healthy appearance. An adjustment period of about two weeks should be allowed when shampoos containing synthetics are previously used. After the adjustment period the hair and damaged scalp skin will look and feel better then ever!

Straight hair? For straight hair we recommend a Natural Hair Serum. A blend of excellent hair oils – including Jojoba oil, Apricot seed oil with a touch of Jasmine and other essential oils, will help nourish your hair. The serum is easily absorbed and helps prevent split ends.

The children are taking shared baths and you are looking for a product that will maintain hygiene and turn the bath time into unique experience? Children’s Bath Salt containing Dead Sea salts and sea salts with good disinfecting abilities, along with a blend of excellent essential oils will ensure a deep, sweet and calm sleep.

Apply cream from the roots to the ends until the scalp and all hair is covered.
Cover the head with plastic wrap and wait for two (2) hours.
Comb the hair with a good, dense lice comb to remove lice and lice eggs.
Wash hair thoroughly and comb again using the special lice comb.

Apply a small amount of  cream onto the hair, daily

Notice – the cream is not tested for killing lice and is a very good comb helper.

Coconut oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed oil ,beeswax, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf oil, Peppermint oil, Geranium Maculatum oil, Lemongrass oil.



Lavender Cosmetic

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3.52fl.oz 100ml, 1.76fl.oz 50ml, 8.5fl.oz 250ml

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  1. Eran Ofri

    It took me time to say thank you for the wonderful product, because I was afraid of a kind of evil … So after we really tried everything, including intense combing of a year and a half old baby for eggs and lice every day. This cream just say goodbye for the lice and eggs. The use is simple and easy, the smell is pleasant and the main thing – the health, and the lice will not return! Many thanks and happy to recommend!

  2. Rachel B

    I purchased the cream three weeks ago. I thought it was like all the preparations I bought but I was very surprised. The cream helped my daughter. She has no lice or lice eggs anymore. The product is highly recommended for those who have already tried all the preparations. This product is great. Thank you very much LAVENDER

  3. Sagit A

    I use it for my three children before I send them to educational institutes, in the morning. This makes the combing easier and I have been using it so far only for prevention..

  4. Michal

    I apply my cream to my three-year-old daughter for six months, and even though there were lice for other children in the kindergarten, our daughter had no lice. I put some cream on her right after the shampoo. We put cream on wet head and then comb the hair. The added value of the cream is that it is used as a softener to make it possible to unravel the many connections that are created in her hair very easily. Besides, she likes to participate in the process and apply to her hair byherself. The smell is very pleasant and the result is that we do not have lice

  5. Ortal S

    I bought the product two years ago from a recommendation on Facebook and the truth I did not think it was so beneficial but It appeared working because the lice disappeared even when in the kindergarten lice celebrated , the product is very good and comfortable and most importantly it has a good smell.

  6. Orit A

    A Peace of mind product is a must in every home!

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Q: Why should I use your lice cream for prevention instead of using some rosemary oil directly on the scalp? A: Rosemary oil can really help your hair. However using it undiluted can really irriate the sensitive skin of our children's scalp. In our lice cream, rosemary oil is used in specific rations and it is appropriately diluted therefore it is effective and safe.