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After Shave Cream

All Natural Aftershave balm for dry skin

Anti-Aging Eye Cream with Astaxanthin

Perfect for delicate skin, containing Natural anti-againg red algae (Astaxanthin)

Sun Care Anti-Aging Face Cream SPF30

All Natural BB-like sun protection cream SPF30

Anti-Aging Face Cream

Enriched with Red Algae, the best cream for a natural and youthful glow!

Anti-Aging Night Cream

Anti Aging Night cream enriched with the Red Algae and enhances your skin

LemonGrass Body Oil

A wonderful, refreshing scent of LemonGrass and Rosewood.

LemonGrass Liquid Soap

Natural soap based on virgin olive oil.

Natural Body Butter – Patchouli Vanilla

Excellent body cream for the young in spirit!

Natural Body Cream – Lemongrass

Body butter with a delicate texture and lightly lemon scent

Olive Oil Face Cream

Our Olive Oil Face Cream is loaded with essential nutrients and Vitamin E.

Patchouli-Rosewood Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant with gentle and sweet scent, without aluminum

Restorative Cream

An excellent cream suitable for restorative treatment of damaged skin.

Rosewood oil has a pleasant, relaxing, joyful, and arousing scent. Rosewood oil is effective in muscles massaging , balancing the nervous system and helping to treat migraines. Rosewood oil is recommended for dry and mature skin, for the treatment of wrinkles, acne, and dermatitis.
Products containing Rosewood oil