Mentha Peppermint Oil is a refreshing, disinfectant, cooling and stimulating oil, making it especially effective for colds, headaches and breathing problems. As well as suitable for the treatment of muscles. keep in mind that usually under Homepathic treatmnet it is not advisable to use Mentha Peppermint oil.
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After WorkOut Bath Salt

A natural bath salt used after a workout.


A 100% natural cream based on a special blend

Calm Head

Calm Head – for constant hygienic hair treatment.

Natural Hair Cream

A 100% natural cream that contains excellent vegetable oils.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential oil is a refreshing and disinfectant.

Teva-Sun Natural Sun Protection

Feel protected from harmful sun rays, using our perfect natural sunscreen!

Therapeutic Foot Cream

The perfect cream for your fatigued feet.