Lemon Grass oil with disinfectant and pollution prevention capabilities. Lemon grass oil is suitable for relieving muscle pain and breathing problems. Excellent lemon grass oil for adding pleasent room atmosphere with an ability to remove insects and mosquitoes.

* Do not use for babies.

Products Containing Lemon Grass Oil

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LemonGrass Lip Balm is a super moisturizing balm infused with lemongrass.

LemonGrass Vegan Lip Balm

Great daily lip balm to keep your lips smiling


A 100% natural cream based on a special blend
Calm Head for constant hygienic hair care treatment.

Calm Head

Calm Head – for constant hygienic hair treatment.

Lemon Grass Essential Oil

Pure essential oil produced by steam from lemongrass leaves.
A wonderful scent of Lemon Grass and Rosewood body oil.

LemonGrass Body Oil

A wonderful scent of Lemon Grass and Rosewood.

Natural Deodorant – Lemongrass

Our Natural Deodorant is made of mild ingredients.

LemonGrass Lip Cream

The Best Lip Balm Cream!

LemonGrass Liquid Soap

Natural soap based on virgin olive oil.

Natural Deodorant Stick – Lemongrass

The facial toner cleanses and allows the skin to breathe and heal.
natural body cream refreshing lemon grass, natural body butter, lavender all natural cosmetics

Natural Body Cream – Lemongrass

It is a very concentrated cream