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Anti-Aging Night Cream

Anti Aging Night cream enriched with the Red Algae and enhances your skin

Breathe Oil Blend – Lavender Cosmetics

Take a deep and healthy breath with this unique blend of pure essential oils.

Citrus Joy Oil Blend

Uplifting citrus aroma with a delightful vanilla touch creating a unique aromatic mixture.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil is extracted from the lemon peel.

Night Anti-Aging Package

Give your skin an extra boost at night, right before bedtime!

An excellent essential oil produced by cold pressing from the lemon peel. Essential oil of lemon with a refreshing fragrance, antidepressant, constricting and detoxifying. Lemon oil is used to lighten skin spots and treat pigmentation. Excellent oil for a fresh atmosphere and for ventilating the room.
* Sun exposure is prohibited 12 hours from use.
Products containing lemon oil