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Natural Shampoo Bar

Wonderful natural shampoo bar - nourishing for hair and skin

Olive Oil Shaving Soap

Unique Shaving soap for your skin

Olive Oil Dead Sea Mud soap

This unique Dead Sea mud soap is based on virgin olive oil

Olive Oil Soap With Natural Loofah

The Loofah Soap offers a gentle massage and peeling at the same time.

Patchouli Vanilla Oil Blend

Oil Blend whit a deep and sensual fragrance.

Patchouli-Rosewood Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant with gentle and sweet scent, without aluminum

Ravintsara (Ravensara) Massage Oil

An excellent massage oil for the treatment of respiratory difficulties, suitable for all ages

Mineral Sunscreen Natural Cream Teva-Sun SPF50

Feel protected from harmful sun rays, using our perfect natural sunscreen!

Therapeutic Foot Cream

The perfect cream for your fatigued, dry feet.

Theraupetic Liquid Castile Soap

The perfect soap for your sensitive and dry skin.