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Natural Shampoo Bar

Wonderful natural shampoo bar - nourishing for hair and skin

Breathe Oil Blend

Take a deep and healthy breath with this unique blend of pure essential oils.

Lavender Essential Oil

Classic Lavender essential oil for skin care and for relaxing your soul.

Children’s Bath Salt

Our natural bath salt makes children feel comfortable and relaxed before bedtime.

Gift Set for the New Mother

A perfect treat for mother and baby.

Mineral Sunscreen Natural Cream Teva-Sun SPF50

Feel protected from harmful sun rays, using our perfect natural sunscreen!

Lavender Hand Cream

Our all natural Lavender Hand Cream is the perfect treatment for your hands.

Lavender Body Oil

Body oil that provides moisture and softness to the skin.

Natural Liquid Soap -Patchouli Vanilla

All natural liquid castile soap Patchouli Vanilla with a sensual scent.

Theraupetic Liquid Castile Soap

The perfect soap for your sensitive and dry skin.

Olive Oil Face Soap

Great Natural Olive Oil Face Soap for daily use. Leaves your skin radiant and refreshed

Lavender oil will solve almost any skin problem quickly and efficiently. Lavender oil is a disinfectant and effective for acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, burns, inflammation and eczema.
Lavender oil has a calming effect on the mind and is suitable for helping to deal with insomnia and stress and is one of the most common and used oils.
And in fact the only oil that can be used directly on the body, although we recommend mixing it with carrier oil before massage.
Products containing Lavender oil