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Anti-Aging Lipbalm

(3 customer reviews)

A vegan Anti-Aging lipbalm enriched with aromatic oils and Red-Algea to provide protection, prevent dryness and make your lips soft and healthy.
Size: 0.17fl.oz 5ml

LemonGrass Vegan Lip Balm

(2 customer reviews)

You will love this silky formula full of natural ingredients such as virgin olive oil,  shea butter, Vitamin E, carrot oil and cold-pressed almond oil that leave the lips feeling healthy and moisturized.
Size: 0.17fl.oz 5ml

Lavender Hand Cream

(1 customer review)

Our all natural Lavender Hand Cream is the perfect treatment for your hands. The best ingredients give your hands the care they deserve.  It provides moisture and helps your hands to get back their

LemonGrass Lip Cream

The Best Lip Balm Cream! It is filled with natural and therapeutic ingredients to protect your lips. The perfect remedy for dryness and chapping.
Size: 0.17fl.oz 5ml

Natural Hair Cream

(4 customer reviews)

A 100% natural cream that contains excellent vegetable oils and different kinds of butter to enrich and nourish the hair and scalp.

Carrot oil is produced by the extraction of carrots in oil, its color is intense orange. It accelerates the healing of wounds and even burns, nourishes damaged or mature dry skin, nourishes hair, soothes dry or inflamed eyes and increases tanning