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Anti-Aging Eye Cream with Astaxanthin

Perfect for delicate skin, containing Natural anti-againg red algae (Astaxanthin)

All Natural Toothpaste

Natural and mineral toothpaste with green clay for healthy teeth

Sun Care Anti-Aging Face Cream SPF30

All Natural BB-like sun protection cream SPF30

Anti-Aging Face Cream

Enriched with Red Algae, the best cream for a natural and youthful glow!

Baby Care Cream

Baby Care Cream for calming skin irritations.

Gentle Care Cream

Gentle Care cream a natural remdy for irritated skin!

Lavender Hand Cream

Our all natural Lavender Hand Cream is the perfect treatment for your hands.

LemonGrass Lip Cream

The Best Lip Balm Cream!

Olive Oil Face Cream

Our Olive Oil Face Cream is loaded with essential nutrients and Vitamin E.

Olive Oil Shampoo

A unique liquid natural shampoo based on virgin olive oil.

Restorative Cream

An excellent cream suitable for restorative treatment of damaged skin.

A delicate plant that has been recognized as the most important medicinal plant in the Western world! Suitable for use for children, excellent for treating dry and irritated skin, anti-inflammatory and antifungal. Calendula has the ability to remove and restore skin cells and renew them and remove dead skin cells