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Pregnancy Stretch marks Treatment and Prevention

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You can start Stretch marks treatment during the early stage of the pregnancy to avoid unpleasent stretch marks later.
Stretch marks are caused by intense stretching of the skin and dry skin together. You can reduce or even prevent them in a few simple steps: using natural soaps that do not dehydrate the skin, and daily application of a therapeutic cream in pregnancy and a restorative cream after birth. Intensive nourishment will help the skin preserve the natural elasticity and thus reduce the formation of signs.
Pregnancy and childbirth are amazing and exciting experiences that a woman undergoes and are accompanied by significant changes in body and soul. One of the less desirable symptoms is the formation of stretch marks that do not hurry to disappear even after birth. How can they be prevented? There are several natural solutions that will help you ease and prevent the phenomenon:

How are stretch marks caused?

During the nine months of pregnancy, the woman gains weight significantly and at a rapid pace, and the abdomen reaches the dimensions that challenge the skin. The combination of intense traction and dry skin creates microscopic cracks that look like red pink stripes. These cracks are actually tears created by the collagen and elastin fibers found in the deep layers of the skin (the dermis). These fibers usually give the skin its elasticity, but in the absence of moisture and due to changes in the abdominal dimensions, they rupture and leave the stretch marks, and the cracked skin can starts to be irritated, itchy, sensitive to the touch and unpleasant.

The first step to prevent stretch marks

Avoid the main cause of dryness and skin irritation – Daily use of soap containing detergents, parabens, SLS and other chemicals that dry the skin. Prefer natural soaps based on vegetable oils (olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil and so on). Using Natural Castile Soap will make it easier to maintain natural moisture and prevent the intense dryness left by the usual soaps.

All Natural prodcuts for Stretch marks treatment and prevention”


Daily treatment with a cream rich in shea butter

To maintain moisture it is important to moist the skin regularly. Regular feeding with butter and oils will prevent the cells from losing water and help to “capture” the moisture. A non-dry, flexible skin will be less vulnerable and will deal more easily with the traction challenges. It is recommended to use a cream containing oils in the early stages of pregnancy and not to wait for the stretch marks to appear.
Gentle care cream – 100% natural cream, excellent for dry, irritated skin and prevention of stretch marks. The cream is based on Organic Shea butter, almond oil, grape seed oil, beeswax, enriched with calendula extract and aromatic oils such as geranium, lavender, chamomile roman and calendula extract. The cream is easily absorbed and soothes all irritation and extreme dryness and helps prevent cracks and stretch marks.

Treatment of stretch marks after pregnancy

It is important to take care of the skin even after pregnancy. Restorative cream based on Helichrysum italicum oil with properties that restore injured skin, with bruising, helps in skin care and flexibility, suitable for the treatment of scars (if after cesarean surgery) and stretch marks. The cream also contains Shea butter, sweet almond oil and grape seed oil. In addition, the cream contains an excellent homeopathic calendula extract for treating damaged skin.
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