Natural Skin Care

Are 100% Natural Cosmetics Available?

There are now quite a few cosmetics that brand themselves or call themselves “natural cosmetics” but does natural really mean 100% natural?

In each product there are natural parts, in creams there are about 85% natural water, but what but what about the other components of this cream? Are other ingredients natural?

People who choose to use natural food and natural cosmetics products in particular do so because of their concern for their body or in cases where there is an allergy to certain chemicals or other, so it is very important to check which ingredients are in each Natural Cosmetics product so as not to inadvertently purchase a product called a natural product (And there are those who are very harmful).

We, Lavender Natural Cosmetics, offer our customers a range of 100% natural products, that is, products that do not use any chemicals, from natural deodorant to natural soap or natural shampoo bar. The emphasis, of course, is on 100%.

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