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Tips for Spring Allergy Treatment

Spring is already here and it brings with it wonderful flowering and pleasant aromas, but along with them it brings with it rashes on the skin, hay fever and other unpleasant surprises.

This period in which winter is over and the spring begins brings you trees flowering and plants that in the process of reproduction sprinkle pollen in the wind and these reach our airways. 30% of the population develops seasonal allergic sensitivity. Which is manifested in the respiratory system, the skin and the digestive system – runny nose, breathing difficulties such as asthma, atopic dermatitis, rashes on the skin (urticaria), eye irritation and more.
The plants known to promote allergies in the country are cypress, juniper, pecan, olive, as well as bushes and other herbaceous plants.
So what is an allergy?
An allergy is actually an overly strong reaction of the immune system to the substances around us – plants, animals, certain foods, substances we come into contact with, such as toiletries. The immune system identifies the allergenic substances as pests and attacks them. In Western medicine, the treatment is with antihistamines or with the treatment of vaccines whose efficacy is controversial. The natural holistic treatment focuses on strengthening and balancing the immune system rather than suppressing it.

There are a number of natural “remedies” that offer solutions for dealing with allergy. Natural solutions are good and effective and most importantly do not cause harm. Get some “From Nature with Love” recommendations:
• To relieve congestion in the upper respiratory tract – a mixture of water and salt (half a teaspoon of salt in 100 ml of boiled water), rinsing the mouth with salt water is known to treat colds, which will dry the mucus and calm the mucous membranes.
• To relieve cough – onion syrup with honey- cut half onion into thin slices and bake 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Leave for 4-5 hours or nights in a sealed box. Take a teaspoon of the syrup every two hours.
• Infusions of elderberry and echinacea flowers – 1 teaspoon dry plant in a glass of boiled water, cover for 10 minutes and drink.
• Grated ginger tea (teaspoon), freshly squeezed lemon and honey.

Aromatherapy has an excellent response to the alleviation of respiratory and skin problems and essential oils can increase the body’s resistance to microorganisms that threaten and from the other hand stimulate the activity of the organs and cells fighting them.
• For relief of congestion in the upper respiratory tract, it is recommended to breathe the burner vapor into the appropriate aromatic oils: lemon eucalyptus, myrtle, mint, chamomile and Raventesara that can fight against a wide variety of bacteria and bacteria.
• A blend of base oils (sweet almonds and grape seeds) with aromatic oil. Raventesara is known for treating respiratory problems such as cough, bronchitis, streido and more. Apply and massage lightly the chest and back and lie in a warm bed.

Allergies, such as atopic dermatitis, skin asthma, urticaria, etc., will be firstly treated by avoiding contact with toxic substances such as SLS, parabens, synthetic chemical, fragrance additives, etc. Because allergy is manifested in strong irritation and extreme dryness it is recommended to apply 100% natural cream to sooth. Lavender all natural care cream with body butter and natural body oils with aromatic oils such as chamomile Roman, lavender, geranium and more, will make the work for sure.

The effect of nutrition on spring allergy

Some foods are known to cause allergies and some people are sensitive to various foods. In all situations it is best to remove the allergenic foods and focus on an easy to digest diet that does not require too much energy to break down the food. There are foods to be removed from the menu and the first are dairy products, seafood, wine, refined carbohydrates. Eat small meals and do not overload your digestive system.
Effect of stress on spring allergy
Persistent stress has a direct effect on body resistance, strength, and health. People living under prolonged stress weaken the body and the immune system will function less efficiently. Herbs do a great job in treating allergies, but it is important to get a professional to fit the plants and dosages.

CONCLUSION: Many diseases, symptoms, and syndromes can be avoided in changing lifestyle, and believe me it is worth keeping health easier than reclaiming it. Adopt a healthy diet, be sure to do sports regularly, keep your sleep, and create a clean environment from toxins.


Written by: Ricky Langberg Ph.D Naturopathic and Natural Nutritionist Naturopathic and Natural Nutritionist Naturopathic and Natural Nutritionist.
All that is written on the site is based on the opinion of the writers and their best experience and is not a substitute for a medical opinion.

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