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Signs, Causes, and Natural Treatment For Hemorrhoids

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A Common Medical Condition

Certainly one of the more common but less talked about health problems is Hemorrhoids! But if you knew that natural treatment for hemorrhoids exists, you would feel much better!
What are hemorrhoids? You’ll be surprised but everyone has hemorrhoids. They have an important function. Hemorrhoids are blood vessels. The internal ones are located in the last part of the colon, and the external hemorrhoids located in the rectum. Their role is to help us control the sealing of the anus and to differentiate between the exit of a solid, liquid, or gas. So why do we need a natural treatment for something that sounds so natural?  The problem begins when the same blood vessels are enlarged as a result of active inflammation.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

What causes hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are a very common problem that can be prevented. Common causes of their formation include:
Lack of athletic activity and prolonged sitting.
  • Low fiber and water diets
  • Irregular outputs
  • Constipation / diarrhea
  • Pregnancy, usually in the last trimester after birth or due to exertion during labor
  • Over-weight
  • Intraoral pressure – lifting heavy loads and over-exertion
  • Stress

Signs of Hemorrhoids

It is very difficult to miss hemorrhoids. Symptoms usually include rectal bleeding, pain when sitting, and itching. You should consult a proctologist and make sure that indeed you might suffer from hemorrhoids.

Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Nutrition is the first step in preventing and treating hemorrhoids. Be sure to have a high fiber diet. Drink plenty of water. A healthy diet is very important in order to prevent constipation or diarrhea.
  • Try to reduce sitting time at the workplace or at home. Try to get up every half hour and walk around for a short time or change your sitting position.
  • Exercise is the best preventive medicine a person can give himself. Even in the case of hemorrhoids, physical activity can help the digestive processes and thus facilitate the appearance of hemorrhoids.

“Lavender Natural Cosmetics”

Actually, we never thought of helping people with hemorrhoids, until a loyal customer came to tell us how our Natural Bath Salt eased his severe hemorrhagic pain. After a short consultation, we created a special Natural sitz Bath Salt mix especially for him!. The result was very surprising. He used to have severe hemorrhagic pain attacks every few weeks. After using our Natural Bath Salt, he reported back to us that his pain was reduced to once a year. Here in “Lavender”, we continue creating Natural Bath Salt mixtures to help people feel better and even enjoy a therapeutic bath at home.
Therapeutic Bath Salt – excellent salt found by many customers to relieve the uncomfortable pain from hemorrhoids. The therapeutic salt contains:
  • Sea salt and Dead Sea bath salt are both perfect disinfectants
  • Calendula extract – powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Hamamelis extract – a plant rich in tannins that reduce tissue swelling, helps in the absorption of fluids, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral.
  • Aromatic and soothing aromatherapy oils: lavender, geranium, grapefruit, lemon eucalyptus, and cypress.
Gentle Treatment Cream – a gentle cream based on shea butter, vegetable oils, and aromatic oils. We are proud to introduce you to a cream that is fine for various skin irritations and for helping soothe hemorrhoids.
* All of the above information is based solely on our knowledge and experience and is not a substitute for a medical opinion.

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Ido Mashall, BA in biology, B. Sc – Chemical Engineering, M. Sc. – Material Engineering (Technion), and a RCHhom- classical homeopath practitioner. Ido have more than 25 years experience in many industrial and chemical application and development. From 2007 ido is working and expertise in Natural Cosmetic development and manufacturing, Safety of cosmetic products and more.

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