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Best Natural Hand Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Natural Hand Moisturizer - Lavender all natural cosmetics
Do you suffer from dry, damaged, or cracked hands? Lavender‘s Natural Hand Moisturizer is the solution. It‘s a 100% natural and effective way to keep healthy and fresh hands skin.
Use it for healthy and balanced hands appearance and to treat dry hands.

Why your hands need a moisturizer?

Lots of people suffer from dry skin in the hands. We all wash our hands often, many soaps on the market contain SLS and other chemicals for foaming that actually dry our skin so washing your hands some times a day makes your hands dry. If you will change your hand soap to one of our all natural castile soap or all natural liquid castile soap you can ease the healing process dramaticly. Also washing the dishes or cleaning our house using chemicals that also dry our hands, so if you are also suffering from dry hands after dishwashing it’s probably from your cleaning agents.
Some people also suffer from dry skin not only in the hands but also all over the body its sometimes from our genes passing in families and surely when the dry air time in spring or in the autumn it’s surely influence.

What special about our Natural Hand Moisturizer?

Lavender‘s Natural Hand Moisturizer is concentrated up to five times than other hand creams on the market. We make our Natural Hand Moisturizer without preservative and water inside it so it actually thick cream than helps the skin to regain its healthy and natural appearance through deep nourishing and balancing the skin.
Lavender‘s hand creams contains Shea butter known for excellent skincare and improving it, including healing wrinkles and more. In addition; Sweet almond oil and Grape seed oil are complementary oils helping with absorption and skin intensive treatment.
We offer you 2 options for Natural Hand Moisturizer
Lavneder Natural Hand Cream – with homeopathic calendula extract in this cream is excellent for treating dry, cracked and damaged skin. The cream also contains Geranium essential oil which leaves your hands with a clean and fresh scent and lavender essential oil for relaxing skin and soul. It‘s a natural therapeutic hand treatment.
Patchouli Vanilla Natural Hand Cream – with patchouli essential oil and vanilla oil great for uplifting and great sweat aroma to uplift your day.

What you will not find in our Natural Hand Moisturizer?

Lavender‘s Natural Hand Moisturizer does not contain:, Petroleum products (SLES, SLS), preservatives (Parabens), artificial fragrances, all those chemical found in any other creams, and animal fat. also in our cream you will not find synthetic fragrance – we use only natural essential oils.

All-Natural Hand Moisturizer for feeling great all day long

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