Natural Sunscreen

Natural Sun Protection

In Israel most of the year the sun is beating and with all the good it brings us like vitamin D and much more, it can also cause damage and long-term damage.

In this article we will explain a little about what protection is used, how Lavender’s products protect differently from other products, which SPF is right to use and what is so true in natural protection usage. For more information on Sun Protection body cream, Sun protection anti-aging facial cream.

So what is solar radiation?

Solar radiation includes a very large range of radiation including the light that makes our lives so good to radiation we cannot see mostly defined as UV, which can have the main impact on the skin. The UV radiation is divided into UVB and UVA radiation. In the offices and behind the glass and in the morning and evening hours most of the radiation is UVA radiation, direct sun at noon include UVB in a larger amount.

So what is UVA and UVB?

UVB is a small part of the sun’s invisible radiation, affecting only the outer skin, causing the production of vitamin D, which is so important to us, as well as the “redness” of burning-sunburn.

UVA is the main invisible sun radiation, affects the outer skin and penetrates even deeper layers, causes skin aging, pigmentation and a variety of familiar skin problems and especially you will not see its effect and damage immediately but over time.

The differences can be seen in the attached picture. The depth of penetration and the various damage to the body.

What is SPF?

This SPF is a measure of the level of protection against UVB products only. The test compares how long it takes for sun sensitive skin to turn red and how long it takes when the skin is covered in the cream. That is, if a person who feels sensitive to direct sun exposure causes the skin to be red within about 20 minutes, the SPF 15 cream will take 15 times this time-  about 300 minutes (5 hours in direct sunlight). The SPF 20 cream will take 20 times as long as 6.5 hours. Therefore, it is clear that 15SPF is sufficient for daily exposure to UVB. And SPF20 is enough for those who plan to be 3-4 hours or more at sea. Lavender’s creams were also designed for sun protection. It is also important to remember that we need exposure to UVB radiation for vitamin D production and therefore stronger protection is not good for us.

But what about UVA?

Only in recent years the health authorities demand protection from the UVA radiation, which is the really problematic radiation. Standardization in Israel and around the world requires a minimum of 90% UV radiation, leaving a lot of radiation that can pass and can cause pigmentation and other long-term sun damage. Lavender protective creams block 99.9% of the UVA radiation and protect you perfectly (up to 100 times more than other creams on the shelf.

How do Lavender’s creams protect the sun?

As opposed to ordinary sunscreen used to protect with a variety of synthetic chemicals that break down on the skin and prevent radiation damage. Lavender creams contain ceramic material that is safe for use in babies as well, stable and non-disintegrating and does not react with the skin. Block the sun’s rays and prevent it from reaching the skin. That way you get full protection from the sun.

Lavender’s natural protection is safe to use

The ceramic materials in Lavender’s protective products include titanium oxide (edible material) and zinc oxide (used for baby creams), which are natural minerals extracted from nature and are cleaned crushed and dried. Lavender does not use Nano powders that are powders with very small particles that penetrate the skin and have different properties that are still being studied than ordinary particle size.

All Lavender protection products have been fully tested according to the European standard and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health in Israel.

Do Lavender’s natural creams leave a white layer?

Depending on the required protection. Our face cream with SPF15 is well applied and leaves a very delicate pink layer that is hard to see. The sunscreen with SPF20 is very concentrated and after a good smear leaves a delicate white layer on the body. The weak white color allows you to be calm that the  precious to you are protected. As long as there is a very delicate white layer on the skin you are protected, when the layer descends (usually holding an entire day at sea), the application should be renewed.

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