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natural easy shave soap
It‘s a olive oil shaving soap that substitutes the shaving foam and aftershaves. It makes the shaving smooth and leaves the face clean, with a fresh scent of patchouli and tea tree that lasts all day long. Lavender‘s shaving soap balances the skin‘s natural moisture and does not dry it. This shaving soap is very suitable for people with sensitive and delicate skin. It also very good at eliminating symptoms of sensitive skin like pimples, redness and dryness after shaving. It dries and sterilizes acne and pimples and improves the appearance of skin. to purchase click here
Recommendations for Lavender‘s natural shaving soap:
“Two months ago my wife bought me your shaving soap, and since then my life has changed. I never thought that shaving could be so pleasant, gentle and easy. I can‘t go back to using the normal shaving gel. It‘s just impossible. I wanted to thank you. It‘s a product that for sure I‘m going to recommend to my friends. Gilaad. March, 2011.
More on Lavender‘s shaving soap:
The soap is produced from extra virgin olive oil, and designed to be gentle to the skin and lubricate the shaving. It contains pure essential oils that affect the body and mind. Tea tree essential oil – disinfecting and refreshing. Lavender essential oil – disinfecting and soothing. Patchouli essential oil – for sensual feeling that accompanies you all day long. Sandalwood essential oil – calming and for delicate facial skin care.
Like all other Lavender‘s products, the shaving soap doesn‘t contain any preservatives, and no added salt for thickening, no SLS and petroleum products and no synthetic fragrances.
Why natural shaving?
NO SLS ! So long we all were accustomed to shave with thick white foam all over the face. The main problem is that in order to get thick foam, a lot of SLS (or other petroleum byproducts) has to be used. SLS is a material produced from petroleum and causes people with sensitive skin dryness, redness, atopic dermatitis and other skin problems.. So Lavender‘s natural shaving soap contains no SLS and similar materials and that‘s why it leaves your skin healthy and pleasant.
Aftershave within Lavender‘s shaving soap leaves your face skin clean and fragrant for a long time and saves the use of aftershave and other products.
Cleaning the razor? We all, men, know the hard work me must to remove the hair and thick foam from the shaving razor, which damages the razor. With Lavender‘s natural shaving soap, all you need is little water and all washed easily.
Olive oil There‘s a lot of it in Lavender‘s natural shaving soap, and it‘s excellent for facial skin and as an potent anti-aging substance.
Because of what is not there Preservatives, synthetic fragrances (many people are allergic to them) and all the other chemical you find on such products elsewhere. You are simply able to shave with ease and comfort with 100% natural product.

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