Olive Oil Soap

Natural Olive Oil Soaps

olive oil natural soap
Natural soaps made from cold pressed virgin olive oil, foamy and excellent for skin. These natural soaps are scented with high quality pure essential oils that came straight from fields and forests. Lavender‘s natural olive oil soaps will surely grant you a unique bath, out of this world, for body and soul.
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We in Lavender make by hand natural soaps from extra virgin olive oil in an accurate cold process, thus ensures keeping on the beneficial properties of oils used.
This accurate process allows us to produce soaps that do not dry the skin. Lavender‘s soaps are very gentle, and therefore are suitable for everyone: babies, pregnant women, elderly and people with sensitive skin.
Lavender produces a wide range of 100% natural, gentle, and foamy soaps. Each kind of soap is based on extra virgin olive oil (over 70%), at the same time each kind of soap has its uniqueness in quality, fragrance and appearance.
Lavender‘s natural soaps do not contain animal products, preservatives (parabens), SLS and similar materials, boric acid or other materials suspected to be harmful. While keeping environment in mind, Lavender‘s natural soaps do not contain palm oil where cutting trees is involved in its production.
Lavender‘s 100% natural soaps fully decompose in nature and therefore very suitable for use in places watered with shower waters and recycling water using purification systems.
A real 100% natural soap is water soluble, that‘s why you should keep it in a slotted soapbox.

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