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Perspiration and Deodorant

Natural deodorant

A natural, effective and easy to use deodorant. Lavender deodorants have thousands of users and many of them came to us after trying all the natural deodorants and found it difficult to find the deodorant, which is also pleasant to use both natural and very effective. Lavender We produce 100% natural and effective deodorants that prevent the smell of perspiration without harming the body’s important perspiration process. The deodorants come as cream or stick in a similar composition.


Customers have written to us

  • “After years of use of mineral stone, it is a pleasure to find a new deodorant, very easy to use, very effective, pleasant and fragrant, a real upgrade!
    “I’m breastfeeding and so I use the odorless version, after an active night (of breastfeeding) and in exhausting colds, I still have no smell of sweat, put all the other deodorants I knew in my pocket!
    RoniMany customers responses have taught us that the transition to Lavender‘s natural deodorant often solves many problems such as:
  •  Prevention of permanent stimuli in the armpit skin.
  • Prevention of even very severe swellings of the armpit and lymph nodes, even those that made movement of the arm difficult.Why Deodorant Stick Without Aluminum?
    We use deodorants every day and in the same place, so it is very important to choose a healthy deodorant.
    Sweating is a major and important process in the body to balance temperature and remove infections from the body and therefore it is important to sweat (regular deodorants contain aluminum and parabens that prevent sweat, but are a source of diseases such as breast cancer)
    Lavender deodorant is made up of excellent plant oils including Shea butter, almond oil and coconut butter that nourish and balance the skin.
    In addition to baking soda and oils sites are the active ingredients that prevent the smell of sweat for many hours. Each one has the most appropriate and most effective scent for it.
    Natural Lavender Natural Deodorant 100% natural, effective, easy to use and highly concentrated, so one “wash” is enough on the skin for full protection. When using a deodorant stick, one thin deodorant should be given to be absorbed in the skin and dressed as usual.
    Fatty properties sites:
    Lavender Deodorant – Rosemary Contains:

    Lavender – disinfects, soothes and kills germs.
    Rosemary – disinfects, stimulates the soul, reduces swelling and regulates perspiration.
    Tea tree oil – disinfects and regulates sweating.
    Citrus Deodorant – Lemon grass contains:

    Myrtle – disinfectant, fragrant, relaxing the soul and shrinking tissues.
    Lemon grass – disinfectant, soothing and refreshing.
    Lavender – disinfects, soothes and kills germs.
    Patchouli Deodorant – Rosewood Contains:

    Patchouli – a disinfectant, sensual and effective for calming skin irritations.
    Rosewood-disinfectant, sensual and soothing.
    Geranium – A disinfectant and effective for sensitive skin, shrinking tissues.
    Lavender – disinfects, soothes and kills germs.
    The advantages of natural deodorant are expressed in materials that does not contain as well as damage that does not cause –
    Lavender’s natural deodorant does not harm the sweating process and does not contain aluminum salts, which are the active ingredient in all antipersipant deodorants that make up over 90% of the deodorants in the market. This substance harms the sweating process of the body and prevents the secretion of sweat. for further reading
    Lavender deodorant does not contain talc or magnesium silicate powder, which has many studies linking it to cancer
    Does not contain preservatives as parabens that have studies and findings that link them to the increase in the incidence of breast cancer in Western populations
    Lavender deodorant does not contain alcohol and other petroleum products (some of the deodorants in the market contain even petroleum as a main ingredient
    Lavender deodorant does not contain any unnatural odors.
    Of course, all the products made in lavender were not tested on animals.

    In the August issue of the magazine Life Other, our deodorant cream was compared with other natural products and received many praise.

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Ido Mashall, BA in biology, B. Sc – Chemical Engineering, M. Sc. – Material Engineering (Technion), and a RCHhom- classical homeopath practitioner. Ido have more than 25 years experience in many industrial and chemical application and development. From 2007 ido is working and expertise in Natural Cosmetic development and manufacturing, Safety of cosmetic products and more.

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