Natural Body Care

Natural Cosmetic For Babies And Kids

A baby comes into the world and we want to give him the best every day.

Babies were one of our first customers and the results that parents saw after switching to the products we produce promised a long partnership.
For many Children and Babies the transition to our natural babies soap and baby cream significantly improved or solved skin problems they suffered from like atopic dermatitis or dry and itching skin. Massage with the massage oil for our babies also made wonders for the gas problems in babies help them sleep well.

Babies come into a world filled with stimuli of various kinds. We believe that there is no need to add “noises” and that baby should be treated in a gentle way that does not violate balance, but supports and responds to a real need. Babies have usually gentle and sensitive skin and therefore the products we develop contain only natural ingredients in delicate doses suitable for babies.

Especially for you and your baby, we have developed a line of all natural and delicate products based on butter and vegetable oils only. Without SLS known as skin irritant, Parabens and other preservatives (we do not use any preservatives at all) and therefore the creams we produce do not contain water at all. We do not use talc or lanolin or other petroleum products and we strongly recommend that you check the composition of each product you use for your child.

In the products you purchase in Lavender, the components are written in plain language and clearly.

Our soaps for babies are based on virgin olive oil. Organic Shea butter is the basis (over 45%) for baby cream and sweet almond oil is used as the basis for massage oil. The base oils are combined with essential oils that are pure and suitable for babies.

For babies and children we produce liquid soaps from virgin olive oil, massage oil, sedative baby care cream, , bath salt and hair hygiene cream.

Baby products:
• Liquid natural baby soap – olive oil with lavender and Chamomile essential oil
• Natural baby gentle care cream – excellent for diaper rush and very suitable for soothing irritated skin throughout the body.
• gentle massage oil – Contains high quality almond oil and essential oils at a gentle dosage that supports the baby and the mother
• From the age of half a year we also offer mosquito repellent natural body butter, with a pleasant smell
• Baby bath salt – special for clean bath and sweet sleep
• A quiet head – a gentle and special cream for helping in removing lice and repelling lice without pesticides or other harsh substances

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