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Coconut Body Butter

Coconut body butter - lavender all natural cosmetics
Coconut Body Butter – A body cream as you always wanted – containing 100% natural vegetable oils and butters that nourish the skin gently with pure essential oils pleasing body and mind. Lavender‘s body butters are up to 4 times more concentrated than any other cream, so they are very effective and economic to use.
All our coconut body butter series made from 100% natural ingredients in 3 different scents so you will find the right one for you.

Coconut Body Butters variety

We picked up a variety of fragrances directly from forests and fields merge them with almond oil, coconut oil and grape-seed oil especially for you. In this body butters series you will find:
Lavender Body butter– Delicate and soothing with lavender essential oil for calming after a long day,  and suitable for everyone.
LemonGrass Refreshing body butter – a summertime refreshing aroma of Lemongrass and Rosewood with coconut oil, almond, and grape seed great after swimming .
Patchouli Vanilla body butter – stimulating Patchouli essential oil, and Vanilla great for romantic massage or to feel good, body and mind.

All natural coconut oil-based body butter

What is special about Lavender‘s body creams & butter?

We believe that nature has plenty of gentle and effective materials that can do wonders for our skin. Those are derived from seeds and fruits that are rich in oils and energetic qualities. That is why we produce 100% natural creams.
We also believe that creams are as food- It should be fresh without preservatives. Thus to avoid the use of preservatives (Parabens etc. ) our creams have no water (in fact any cream containing water must also contain preservatives). All our creams contain only vegetable oils and butter. Therefore there is no need to add preservatives.
Lavender‘s creams are 100% natural and concentrated. They are rich with qualities from nature: concentrated creams – you need a little quantity in every use and every use is very good for your skin so your skin will feel at its best for a longer time after use.
To people with dry skin we recommend the use of our natural bar olive oils soaps or Castile liquid soaps with our cream. This way we can prevent skin dryness caused by regular soaps, and help balance and improve the skin condition even without body creams.

What you will not find in our body butter?

The creams do not contain materials that attack the skin and accelerates the cream penetration into the skin.
The creams do not contain stabilizers. That‘s why they‘re more sensitive to heat and sunlight and need to be stored in a cool place.
Lavender‘s creams do not contain chemicals such as petroleum products (mineral oils, SLS), Ethylene and propylene glycol, and other materials such as preservatives (parabens), artificial fragrances, animal fat, or palm oil.

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Ido Mashall, BA in biology, B. Sc – Chemical Engineering, M. Sc. – Material Engineering (Technion), and a RCHhom- classical homeopath practitioner. Ido have more than 25 years experience in many industrial and chemical application and development. From 2007 ido is working and expertise in Natural Cosmetic development and manufacturing, Safety of cosmetic products and more.

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  1. Baby Rose says:

    Improved from last version. Quickly absorbed. Make skin smooth/shiny instantly. Nice fragrance ??

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