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Best Antiaging Sunscreen for Face

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Its well-known that long and uncontrolled exposure to the sun is not beneficial to our skin.
However, it is important to be exposed to the sun at a reasonable level in order to produce vitamin D that is essential for health. However, it is important to try to be exposed to the sun at certain times and for short exposure. This instruction is valid in the summer, but it is also relevant for radiation in the winter, so daily care must include sunscreen.
The creams on the market provide partial radiation protection (we will elaborate on this later in the article) and usually contain various chemicals that are not good for the skin of the face, chemical which are absorbed and penetrate the body through the skin. Anti aging face cream 15SPF cream give a natural protection for all ages – contains natural substances that provide 99.9% protection against the dangerous UVA rays and provides UVB protection at the SPF15 level. The cream containg the red seaweed that works to repair the sun damage and gives the skin higher resistance for the harmful rays.
The effect of sun rays on the skin
The sun’s radiation penetrates and affects not only the surface of the skin (the outer layer of the skin) but significantly accelerates the aging of the skin by damaging the deep layers. This damage does not fully respond to existing products in the market, while most of them block only UVB rays.
The SPF (or sun protection factor) shown on the products shows how much of the cream you buy protects against UVB radiation, which damages the skin and causes burns in the outer layers of the skin. In contrast, UVA radiation is no less significant because it reaches the deeper layers and causes long-term effects of skin aging, wrinkles, pigmentation and skin cancer. You can read more information on the difference between the types of radiation in a professional article we wrote about SPF and sun protection materials.
Nourishing and protecting one cream
In our concept of cosmetics, the quality is uncompromising and it is certainly possible to give the skin full protection with nourishment. Our unique protection cream contains, in addition to the high protection from UVA and UVB rays, Astaxanthin, the substance is active in red algae. A powerful antioxidant that thoroughly treats sun damage including fine lines, pigmentation, dryness. The red algae are grown in Israel dessert, and have been found in many studies to penetrate the skin well and treat signs of aging, reducing wrinkles, freckles and age spots. We have concluded some of the studies in a special article on red algae, and we also see every day how fast the anti-aging series affects our clients’ facial skin.
AntiAging Facial protection cream that contains natural sunscreens and red algae has many advantages:
High protection from sun damage by UVA(up to 100 times more than other products) The red algae is well absorbed in the skin and nourishes it deeply The Red seaweed gives the cream color close the many skin shades. The cream leaves the skin elastic and soft
The cream has a different texture than other creams available on the market. Other manufacturers prefer to dilute and make the sunscreen more transparent – this requires the addition of chemicals to the skin that are easily absorbed into the skin and enter the bloodstream. We choose to maintain a texture that will really be a blockage and preserve not only the skin but also the body.
What else is there?
Like all of our products, the protection cream with red algae is approved by the Ministry of Health and contains only natural raw materials and does not contain chemicals. You can find olive oil, coconut oil, organic shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E, Calendula extract, ceramic radiation blockers (zinc oxide and titanium oxide) and of course red algae. In addition, the cream is enriched with essential oils: patchouli, rosewood, geranium, sandalwood and calendula oil.
For dry skin we recommend using before the cream our day serum.

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